Saturday, December 31, 2022

My 2023 Makeup Collection & Inventory

I've been taking inventory of my makeup collection for the past couple of years - I really wanted to actually see how much makeup I own, but also to track if I'm using things up and how that counteracts the new product that I'm bringing in to my collection! 

I absolutely love looking at other people's makeup collection and thought I should combine a look at my collection while inventorying it all! I will say that my collection is spread out in a room (sorry guests, no room for you here - it's full of makeup) and it does help me use everything because I'm very visual, so I like to have it all displayed to remind myself to use everything! 

My 2023 Makeup Collection & Inventory
Some products were received as PR samples 

Primers = 4 (was 4) ~ I've been really great about not buying many products I don't need this past year or two, and honestly primers last forever! I think I finished one more and purchased one this year. This is a good amount in this category. 

Eye Primers = 3 (was 3) ~ This is a category I have been working my way through - these are probably the same three from last year. Again, these are something that last forever and I'm waiting to finish my older ones, so I'm waiting to add any more to my collection! 

Foundations, BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers = 8 (was 8) ~ This is a pretty reasonable amount of face products - I have used a couple up and picked up a couple throughout the year. I have a few that I'm almost used up too, so this will be under control for the foreseeable future! 

Concealers = 7 (was 5) ~ I was lucky enough to work with a few brands and their concealers this year, so I actually have quite a few more than I need. There is some really great ones in here that I'm using all the time. The others are mostly backup or shades similar from the same brand. 

Setting and Finishing Powder =  4 (was 3) ~ I've not picked up new face powders lately as I've been trying to use up my old ones - I did finish one up and purchased my go to finishing powder, so the others are ones I use here and there! Again, this is a nice reasonable amount of powders! 

My 2023 Makeup Collection & Inventory

Bronzer = 4 (was 3) ~ I personally don't really pick up new bronzers, but I did pick one up I'm excited to try right away! I think this is a pretty reasonable amount to have in my collection - I am really just not drawn to buying bronzers and only use a little bit daily, so it's not a highly consumed product in my collection! 

Blushes = 24 (was 15) ~ This might be the biggest category that I added to this year - I had a good range before, but since I got in to cream blushes last year, I certainly added a whole bunch more options to my collection this year! I have a big range now, but I do love blushes, so this works for me!

Highlighters = 15 (was 13) ~ Highlighters used to be one of my most bought products; but, lately, I have been trying to focus on shades that I like and use up what I have. I'm a total sucker for anything thats going to make me glow, but I know I have a lot in my collection, so I haven't needed anything new lately unless it's a new formula or shade! 

Face Palettes = 9 (was 9) ~  I haven't broken these down for how many blushes, highlighters and bronzers are in here - they are all a little different! I love face palettes and there was some really pretty ones released last year - I am trying to reach for my face palettes more often because I tend not to, and I have a lot of really good ones right now! 

Setting Sprays = 4 (was 3) ~ I've been working through my setting sprays; but, I also travelled twice this last year and forgot my setting sprays, so I had to pick up two this year, plus I bought two for Christmas - all are formulas I love, so they will get used! I use setting sprays pretty consistently, so these will all get used. 

Pigments and Glitters = 29 (was 27) ~ I don't use these often, but I do have a lot of glitters in my collection (they have been in my collection for a while!) ! I really have to make sure to use my glitters while shopping my stash this year, as I do really love them! 

Single Shadows = 48 (was 55) ~ This category contains singles that I have in a magnetic palette, single shadows in individual packaging, my super shock shadows, and all my liquid and cream shadows. I love my single shimmers shadows and eyeshadow is my most bought product, so of course these categories will be stacked! I haven't reached for these a lot this year, but I do love the ones that I have in the collection! 

Eyeshadow Palettes = 35 (was 34) ~ I used to have well over 50 palettes in my collection, and while I do love to buy eyeshadow palettes, I do like to try and keep it a reasonable amount!  I did declutter some older palettes while trying only a few new ones this year! It is an area I'm always picking up new products in this category and I love trying new palettes out! 

Lashes = 8 pairs (was 5 pairs) ~ This is a manageable category, I'm pretty sure I bascially had the same 5 pairs for the past 2 years - but, I did add 3 new lashes from one brand this year (I'm excited to show them off soon!) I do have a good variety of styles for when I want to wear lashes! 

Eyeliners = 17 (was 16) ~ Another category that actually seems reasonable! Now that I've slowed down on the beauty subscriptions, I don't have a ton of these - I picked up only one this year, and I really one go through one black liquid liner, the others are coloured pencils I use one in a while and they can last for a while! 

My 2023 Makeup Collection & Inventory

Lip Liners and Primers = 9 (was 9) ~ I really want to remember to reach for lip liners this year - this is a product that I always forget to reach for when I'm doing my makeup! I didn't pick up any new ones and didn't use anything up, so the category stayed the same!

Lip Products = 82 (was 80)  ~ This is quite the category of products - this includes everything from lip gloss to lipsticks. I have been really trying to reign in this because I use pretty light lip products, but I do love lip products! I did still managed to pick up a few to add to my collection still though while decluttering older products! 

Mascara = 3 (was 4) ~ I think it's categories like that that show how much more reasonable I have been the past few year - lashes are the most important feature to me, so I'm only keeping mascaras around that I love now! I'm sure there will be a few more added this year as I love trying out mascaras and there are some formulas I wanted to try! 

Brow Products = 7 (was 8) ~ I have been pretty consistently using up brow products over the past year, so I have added a few more this year! This is a category that I'm constantly using up, so around this number is reasonable for me.

I have about 320 products in my collection in total - up from 305 last year! I don't have any goals of where I'd like my collection to be, but it is nice to see that focusing on using products up is working and my collection is manageable. 

Are you trying to use up your product a little more this year too?


  1. I have absolutely no desire to count how many products I have out of pure fear!! Good luck with the product usage!

    1. lol - it is so daunting, certainly a little more under control than a couple of years ago. Covid and masking had me focusing just on products I want to use so it's helped!