Friday, December 23, 2022

Five on Friday - December 23, 2022 ~ Family Christmas Card, Christmas Cats, Smash and Tess Order, Crazy Weather Week, and Too Hot To Handle Season 4

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! 


I purchased everything in this post

I'm so excited that it is Christmas weekend - I love the holidays, and even though it's been a crazy week leading up to the holidays, I can't wait for the holidays! I truly hope you all have an amazing Christmas or holiday! xoxo 


We get the whole family in to the Christmas holidays - I made sure that Max and Mephisto were included in the festivities; they look thrilled, right?! Don't worry, it was quick and they got lots of pets and love out of these pictures! 


I finally got my Smash and Tess Black Friday order - I really wanted to try the Emma tops when they were on sale for 50% so I picked up a pink and green; but, unfortunately they don't look very nice on me. The fit just wasn't great and the shoulders are too wide for me. I also picked up the Knotty Wide Leg Romper in Something Blue and it's lovely. It fits well and looks great on! 


We've had the craziest cold week here in Calgary - it's been unreal. It's been -30 everyday, but it's felt colder than -40 most days this whole week. It's been so hard to go outside at all. The mornings have been brutal and it's been the whole week; I've experienced cold like this before, but not for this long! It's supposed to warm up for Christmas this weekend, so fingers crossed! 


Are you guys watching the new season of Too Hot To Handle?! I'm obsessed with the trashy t.v. and I love this show so much - it's so easy to binge and honestly after the craziest busy week at work, I've needed something totally mindless to watch and this is perfect! 

I hope you all have a good weekend and Merry Christmas! 

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