Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Family Advent Calendars ~ Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate, 24 Days of Celebration Wine, Craft BeerAdvent Calendar, and D.I.Y. Books

Tomorrow is December 1 and I absolutely love advent calendars - I'm ready to countdown to Christmas! I really like to try new ones every year and we've tried it all - beer, chocolate, tea, books, lego, you name it (although, this year I actually got myself the same one as last year!) 

I purchased all the advent calendars on my own

Usually I try a new calendar every single year, but since I'm clearly packed full of beauty products (and teas, and candles and nails and things), so I went with another consumable calendar this year! Also, my teenager loves the hot chocolate one, so we've ordered from this brand for the past 3 years! 

I love that companies have become so creative with their advent calendars - there is something for everyone out there! We are all excited to dig in to them tomorrow! 

Okay, I'm loaded up with stuff, so I absolutely loved having a wine advent calendar last year and I wanted to do it again. I picked up the 24 Days of Celebration Wine Advent Calendar ($99.00 CAN) from the Costco Liquor Store - what's great is that this is 24 mini bottles of different sparkling wines! 24 full sized bottles might be too much, but minis are great! I think it's equivalent to 6 bottles over the 24 days and I'm excited for a little glass of bubbly in the evenings! These ones go quick when Costco gets them, but they are totally worth it! 

Then, for my littlest, I decided to do something I did when he was just a teeny baby - I made him a DIY Book Advent Calendar. You will sense a theme here, but he also has a lot of stuff, so we did not need 24 little figures to add to our collections (although, he was a little sad when he found out that I didn't get him a lego one again this year). But, I tend to buy a ton of books at thrift stores, on auctions, on facebook, you name it, so I had well over 24 to create a little stack. There is a mix of easy readers, kids books, and chapter books. I tried to wrap them to look like a tree and he's pretty excited to dive in! 

Again, my teenage son loved this hot chocolate advent calendar so much the last two years, that I had to pick up the Yawn Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar ($47.00 CAN) for him again. It comes with 19 different flavours of hot chocolate (a couple of duplicates for their best sellers), but they have really unique flavours, such as Mince Pie, Candy Cane, Pumpkin Spice, plus more "normal" types too. If you are struggling for a teenage guy idea, this one is a total hit in our house! I believe all their hot chocolates are vegan and you can add on vegan marshmallows and mugs if you want too! 

And then for my husband, he decided to go with the BeerAdvent Calendar ($84.99 CAN) from Costco - this comes with 24 tall cans of Canadian Craft Beers. Again, we didn't think anymore stuff was needed and hubby thought that new beers would be fun instead of just chocolate. He's had an import beer one before and didn't love it, so hopefully the craft beers are better! 

What type of advent calendar are you using this year?!

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