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Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2022

Here's a look at what I was loving in February:

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2022
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What's this?! A bizarre skincare tool - you know I'm going to try it (and in this case, really enjoy it!) And, a there is a few great makeup products I was loving this month too! 

I used to always have pick 5 products each month, but that is one thing I'm changing this year - whatever I'm loving, I will share whether it's 2 or 10 products! 

Here is a look at the products I've been loving this month:

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2022

Auric Cosmetics Smoke Reflect in Disrupt ~ $39.00 US. A smokeshow in a jar. Heads will turn with these eye catching shadow duos. Create creamy-matte, or metallic-glitter looks with two luxe formulas (in a single gorgeous package). Under the top lid is a light-reflecting, micro-glitter eyeshadow infused with high-shine pearls. Inside the glass is a smooth, longwear, creaseless cream shadow.

I've been a little slow on reviewing newer makeup that I've picked up - this was one of the Auric shadows that was released for their holiday collection (and I'm done and ready to review sooooon!) These are by far the most expensive single eyeshadows I've bought, but I actually use the shade Temper alll the time. And, now I love this one - this has a Cranberry cream shadow, along with a duochrome pink-gold powder shadow! This formula is so good - the cream shadow applies so nicely, and this topper shadow is so stunning! I will share a review with you soon! 

Adrienne Furrie Cream Blush in Colour Jam ~ $29.00 CAN. The AF makeup artist secret for a natural, subtle flush of healthy colour on your cheek or a subtly sculpted cheek bone is cream blush. Don’t be intimidated, these blushes are simple to apply with your Foundation Brush (or your fingers!) and unlike powder blush they melt right into your skin.

This is another brand that I need to talk about right away - Adrienne Furrie is a Calgary makeup artist brand that I recently discovered at the end of last year! I'm such a fan of cream blushes now, and this is a great formula - I apply it with a duofibre brush and just dab it on to the cheeks. This colour sheers out, but adds a nice pop of colour to the cheeks with the perfect amount of flush!

ColourPop The Mandalorian Shadow Palette ~ $16.00 US. Our exclusive The Mandalorian palette is coming in hot! Straight from Mandalore, this 9-pan palette features our signature super pigmented Pressed Powders to create the perfect smokey eye! Rich in saturated neutrals and earth toned shades with buttery matte, matte with sparkle, and shimmering molten metallic finishes, this super wearable palette is out of this world.

This has been out for a little bit, but again, I'm being slow and intentional about trying all my new makeup, so I'm just getting around to this and love it! The ColourPop shadow formula is pretty consistently good (more so in these palettes, as opposed to the quad I tried recently), but honestly the Star Wars collections seem to be an especially great formula. These shadows are a little darker and not typically what I would reach for, but damn the looks with this are so good! The mattes blend well, the shimmers pop and they are great! (Also, based on this, I could not resist picking up the Darth Vader palette the other day, so I will get to that soon too!)

Monthly Beauty Favourites - February 2022

Auria Light Therapy Mask ~ $79.50 CAN. Live well. Do well. Be well. Auria's LED Light Therapy Mask offers three different L.E.D. light therapies. Simply hold the power button for three seconds to turn on and then choose the one you need.

Okay, I have been trying this mask for a solid two months now and I've really been enjoying it - I know that it's not a medical grade LED mask, and I think masking in general helps the skin, so if it makes me take the time to unwind and wear a mask. This has 3 different light settings - red, orange, and blue and they each have different benefits! I will do a full blog post on this soon and share all the settings, but I feel like this in combination with my routine has actually had an impact on some of my acne, especially my hormonal breakouts! This is suggested to wear for 15-20 minutes, so the charge does die on this around that time frame, so it's a bit weird, but since you don't need to wear it for longer, it's fine! I've been really enjoying using this and I will share a closer look at this soon! 

What have you been loving this month?

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