Friday, February 4, 2022

Five on Friday - February 4, 2022 ~ BzzAgent & Nudestix Campaign, Dollarstore Haul, Buddha Bowl, TV Shows I've Binged & New Cookbooks

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a good week - it's been long here! I got covid from my little guy, and luckily I wasn't took sick, but I was just really tired and drained for most of the week. I was home for the week, and I'm clear today and feeling much better! 


The Mascara was received as a freebie in exchange for an honest review - this post contains affiliate/referral links

I was so excited to receive a package from BzzAgent this week - they used to be super active, and it's not a company that I've received a package from again! This is something anyone you can sign up for - you do not need to be a blogger! If you are interested in trying them out, you can use my referral link here: But, they have kindly sent the NudeStix Vegan Splashproof Mascara - I actually haven't tried much from Nudestix, so I'm excited to try this out! 


Good thing before we got hit with Covid, I went to the Dollarstore and found a few little goodies in case we had to quarantine! I love any type of sticker books, so these are always a hit! Also, before Christmas I was contemplating buying these dinosaurs that had drills with them, but I wasn't sure if they would be used. So, when I saw these manual take-apart dinos for only $2 I knew I had to pick them up! Was really happy with that find! 


I'm hoping you guys like the inclusion of more meals on these posts - it's keeping me going on my quest to become vegetarian/pescatarian! And, I've finally made a Buddha bowl for the first time and love them because they are so easy to switch up with whatever you have! I roughly used the tofu seasoning and pickling recipe from this Choosing Chia recipe! I put tofu and shrimp in here over sticky rice with pickled slaw, avocado, edamame, mushrooms, and cucumbers! I just topped with a regular peanut sauce and they were a hit! 


Okay, I've appreciated all the TV Show recommendations because I've needed them this week while lying on my couch being tired! Here's a few of the shows I've binged this week! First up is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness - I love JVN and love Queer Eye, so I was excited for this and I liked this, but I really wished there was more of a theme with the whole first season - skating to skyscrapers was a little vast, but I did like all of the information! Then, I had to give The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window - I have a dark sense of humor, so this got me - it was a perfect spoof, but still in a serious, dark way - finished the whole thing in one sitting and loved the episode length! Okay, then I love trashy dating shows, so when I was told to watch Sexy Beasts, I knew I needed to - it was hilarious, but the prosthetics were so good with these transformations! And, on a more serious note was the documentary, The Rescue - a very detailed account of the rescue of the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave, harrowing and amazing! 


I'm on the hunt for new Vegetarian cookbooks - these were both on sale at Indigo, so I thought they would be fun to try out! The Meatless has some good quick recipes in it, but the Plant-Based Meats go pretty in depth in to making meat alternatives, so lots of work, but maybe a good payoff?! I will give them both a try! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm ready to run around and be freeee! 

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!
    That buddha bowl looks delicious!
    I watched Sexy Beasts, it was like a train wreck I couldn't look away from, lol!

    1. Thanks Chantal - feeling better for sure! Lol, that's totally how I felt watching Sexy Beasts, sooo funny