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Monthly Beauty Empties ~ November and December 2021

Here's a look at my beauty empties from the past two months:

Monthly Beauty Empties ~ November and December 2021
Some products were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer ~ sample shown (full size is $68.00 CAN). A velvety priming balm of pressed silk that smooths and makes makeup last longer while keeping it out of skin, helping to prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

This was fine - I don't loved the idea of a potted primer, especially for $70! Personally, I don't love dipping in to things while getting ready. The formula itself was smooth, but not really for me! 
Repurchase: No

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ ~ sample shown (full size is $37.00 CAN). A lightweight water mist that finishes makeup, while gently soothing and refreshing skin. 

I love Fix Plus - it's a solid formula of a priming and setting mist! I featured this a lot in past favourites - I also like the scented ones. I brought this one on a trip, but this formula is always good, but there is a few I've been reaching for more now! 
Repurchase: Eventually, I do have others I prefer 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum ~ $132.00 CAN for 50 ml (or $95.00 CAN for 30 ml or $245.00 CAN for 115 ml). A next-generation super serum that visibly reduces multiple signs of aging with fast-repair and youth-generating power.

This comprehensive night serum is meant to target fine lines, loss of firmness and dullness. It is a fast absorbing serum works on multiple signs of aging by supporting the skin’s natural ability to repair and boost collagen. I'm a big fan of this night serum - it's nice and thick and has really made my skin look rich and plump overall! 
Repurchase: Yes, I have more! 

Tok Beauty Eyes That Tok - Lash Enhancing Mascara ~ $32.00 CAN. A plant-based formula, with a silicone wand to comb every lash, Eyes That TOK Mascara gives your lashes volume and length while conditioning and strengthening your natural lashes to promote healthy lash growth. 

This came in a past Jilly Box and it is described as a lash enhancing formula as well as semi-waterproof. There is ingredients that strengthen the lashes, support growth and add hold to the lashes. Personally, I didn't love the wand and this didn't really think this gave my lashes enough oomph for my lashes. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Lush Brush Strokes Fresh Face Mask ~ $13.95 CAN. The soothing elixir of rose water and rose absolute caress skin to calm redness while coconut blossom nectar rejuvenates. 

This mask is meant to nourish, hydrate and leave skin feeling soft - the carrot seed oil is rich in nutrients and rose calms and balances the skin while targeting redness. It is a Fresh Face Mask, so it does need to be stored in the fridge and will come with an expiry date within a week or two! It smooths nicely on and was gentle and soothing on the skin. It was good. 
Repurchase: Maybe

Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying Daily Skin Booster ~ sample shown (full size is $41.95 CAN). Mineral 89 is a non-greasy gel formula combining all the power of high-dose Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water with natural origin hyaluronic acid to strengthen skin's barrier function. 

I love this booster so much - I use it in place of a serum and honestly, I don't think my skin has looked healthier in months! This keeps my skin moisturized and glowing all the time - I think this adds so much hydration and boost to my skin - I was using this consistently for months, and now have been using other things, but I'm actually back to using a full size and my skin is loving it! 
Repurchase: Always 

Monthly Beauty Empties ~ November and December 2021

Essence Cosmetics Lash Princess False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara ~ $4.99 CAN. Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof gives you voluminous false lash effects of the original in a new waterproof formula! 

As I've said, I haven't set many waterproof formulas that I love, so I didn't think $5 was a huge splurge in case I didn't like it. I have to say, I also really liked this formula! This made my lashes look nice and long and thick - it's probably my favourite waterproof formula! 
Repurchase: Yes, when I need a waterproof formula

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Primer Water ~ $7.29 CAN. A lightweight mist of water packed with good-foryou ingredients to gently soothe and refresh the skin.

This is meant to be a 3 in 1 - prep, set, refresh. I highly enjoyed this as a primer and a refresher, but I'm not sure it did well as a setting spray. It was nice and gentle on the face as a primer and I enjoyed. I like the artificial cucumber smell. This was fine. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Too Faced Peach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder ~ $38.00 CAN. An innovative blurring and finishing powder for a flawless-looking complexion. 

This was a great powder years ago - I just used it up in my Project Pan, and it was getting old and isn't sold anymore, so it's nice to have it all finished. But, I would have repurchased if it was available because it did give a great finish to the skin! 
Repurchase: No can do 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer ~ sample shown (full size is 50.00 CAN). A face primer and moisturizer in one that delivers 24-hour hydration and powerful primer benefits in the lightest possible texture.

I've heard rave reviews about primerizer and I thought it was okay - I'm just using up my samples to get older products out of the way. I thought this was fine - it was moisturizing and felt nice on my face, but that's not enough for me to like a primer! 
Repurchase: Eh, probably not 

Juno & Co. Microfiber Rosé Velvet Sponge ~ $9.00 CAN. Designed with a slanted edge for controlled stippling, this innovative makeup sponge lets you customize your coverage and blend effortlessly.

This is a microfiber sponge was pretty hyped up a while ago (I'm slow using it because I had a few other sponges to use), but I had heard mixed reviews! I thought it was fine - it worked well for me. I think that I prefer the regular beauty blender material myself, but this was okay. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Monthly Beauty Empties ~ November and December 2021

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water ~ $19.99 CAN. A cleansing, makeup-removing solution that gently moisturizes dehydrated skin.

I prefer the one in the pink bottle, but I when i had to repurchase only this one was available - this works fine, I use this as a cleanser in the morning and sometimes as a makeup remover. It's a staple in my routine. 
Repurchase: Yes, but hopefully in the pink bottle! 

Maniology Ice Cube Clear Rectangular Stamper w/ Scraper Card ~ $9.00 US. The crystal clear, silicone stamping head and clear plastic handle let the light shine through to make picking up designs easier than ever. Its firm, rounded face slightly magnifies your stamp to make details clearer and sharper to view.

This a great set with a scraper and stamper - I like the size and it works well. This one has been in use for a while, so time for a new one (I have another set of these). 
Repurchase: Yes 

Maniology Mani Mask - Latex-Free Cuticle Protector ~ $9.00 US. Our Latex-Free Mani Mask Liquid Cuticle Protector will help to make clean-up time quicker and easier. Each handy little bottle comes with 13ml (0.4 fluid ounces) of liquid cuticle barrier. 

If you saw my Worst Products in 2021, you know this made the list - don't buy this, it's absolutely terrible. Did not peel off at all. Hacked my cuticles trying to get this off. 
Repurchase: NO

Sephora Collection Body Wash ~ $? 

This came in a past advent calendar - brought this when I had to go away for training for a week and it was fine. It washed my body, the end.
Repurchase: It's not part of their regular line up, but probably not anyways 

Nail Stamper ~ $? 

I'm not sure where I got this, but after using a clear stamper, why would you even make one that we can't even see what we're doing?! 
Repurchase: Noooo

Cake Beauty Lemon Chiffon Supreme Body Mousse ~ $? 

This was a full litre size body lotion - it took so long to use this up, we're talking about years to get through this. This smells delicious and it was good, I will just never buy a lotion of this size ever again! 
Repurchase: Nope, never this size (maybe this scent or formula again though)

Monthly Beauty Empties ~ November and December 2021

Quo Beauty Nail Polish Remover Regular ~ $5.49 CAN. Our advanced and uniquely formulated nail polish remover quickly and effectively removes nail polish without leaving nails feeling brittle or dry.

This is a good polish remover - it's my regular purchase. 
Repurchase: Yes 

Quo Beauty Luxury Cotton Pads ~ $7.99 CAN for 3 packs of 100. Soft and luxurious fleece surface.

These seemed to have replaced the Joe Fresh cotton pads and they are okay - I think they are a little thinner than the Joe Fresh ones and those were my favourites. They are still fine. 
Repurchase: Yes 

Simple Kind To Skin Instant Glow Cleansing Wipes ~ $8.99 CAN. Gentle on skin, they also help lift away even the most stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara. 

So, I typically only use my wipes when I'm away from the house or swatching my makeup - I'm trying to use a little less disposable items, so these work well! These worked well on my face and makeup and were good.
Repurchase: Maybe 

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer ~ sample shown (full size is $41.00 CAN). A facial cream that hydrates instantly to rev up radiance. 

This smelled really good - so bright and fresh! I can see why it's energy-boosting (the scent helps). I did like this - no complaints; it is a formula I would be interested in trying again! 
Repurchase: Likely 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 ~ $17.49 CAN. Featuring an oxybenzone-free formula, this SPF 50 facial sunscreen mist has a lightweight, refreshing formula for a weightless, clean feel and an oil-free, invisible finish that does not leave a heavy residue. 

This is a fantastic sunscreen - I love it for a reapplication during the day - the spray nozzle is great! And, this is everything I wanted it to be - it's sheer, lightweight and comfortable. It's a great formula and easy to bring along and use anywhere. It leaves no white cast and I've reapplied over a light face of makeup (concealers, powder, eye makeup) and it didn't wreck anything!  
Repurchase: Yes! 

Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner ~ gift basket size shown (full size is $36.95 CAN). This gorgeously hydrating and soothing in-shower body moisturizer is made with some of our richest butters, plus the sweet lemon-rose fragrance of Rose Jam.

This lotion came in a Mother's Day gift basket and this has a nice cocoa butter mixed with rose scent. This was very moisturizing and I loved it on my skin! Delicious! 
Repurchase: Yes, most likely

The Aromatherapy Co Therapy Range Hand Cream (Sweet Lime & Mandarin)  ~ $19.95 CAN. Infused with rosehip, sweet almond and carrot seed oils, and extracts of pomegranate, blended with 100% pure and natural essential oils of Sweet Lime and Mandarin to purify and rejuvenate the skin.

This was a hand cream - it worked well and I kept it at worked so it was used often. I liked the smell. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Body Wash ~ $9.95 CAN. This cleansing formula replenishes your skin’s natural moisture barrier with a combination of active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal, natural oils, and emollients to reveal beautiful, healthier-looking skin.

This was a body wash - it cleaned me up! No problem - it was a thicker formula and the scent was pretty good! 
Repurchase: Perhaps, I have other ones I prefer 

Monthly Beauty Empties ~ November and December 2021

J.R. Watkins Foaming Hand Soap - Aloe & Green Tea ~ $5.99 CAN. Just one pump cleanses skin yet is mild and pure.

I really like these hand soaps - the foaming ones are great, so this works well! 
Repurchase: Already have 

Clear Care Plus Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution ~ $20.97 CAN for a set of 2. Not only does Clear Care Plus Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution clean and disinfect your contact lenses with the bubbling power of hydrogen peroxide, it also surrounds your lenses with long-lasting moisture.

This is a great contact solution - I switched to a hydrogen peroxide solution years ago. This is at least a 6 hour solution so you can't wear your contacts the next day unless you have enough time; but, it's great! Much better at cleaning than regular solutions!
Repurchase: Yes

Dove Clarifying Dry Shampoo with Charcoal ~ $4.76 CAN. Many of us have had days when our hair feels just a touch oily or greasy, but not enough to merit a full wash and blow dry. So if you’ve been wondering how to ‘wash’ your hair without water, or if that’s even possible – it is.

I'm always looking for dry shampoos that don't leave my hair crunchy and don't leave a white cast - this formula does all of those and I'm super impressed with it. I liked this formula and this worked well! 
Repurchase: Probably 

So, over the past 2 months I used up 28 products. Pretty good. Moving forward for my empties, I'm just going to focus on makeup and face skincare products every 3-4 months or so. The body and regular products are all the same now - lotions and body washes all work well, so I won't be writing about all of them anymore! 

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