Friday, January 14, 2022

Five on Friday - January 14, 2022 ~ Little Passports Subscription, Leopard Print Rebecca Wrap Dress, Night Circus Reading Pillow, Delicious New Meals and KFC Plant Chicken

Happy Manicure Monday everyone - hope you all have a great week! Mine was pretty normal - still a bit hard around here because there is lots being closed or cancelled right now with the pandemic still! (I'm hoping my volleyball will start up again soon!)


little passports
I purchased everything in this post (the subscription was a gift from a family member)

I haven't really ever reviewed a kids subscription before, but I wanted to quickly talk about Little Passports since Elliott got a subscription for Christmas! 
So, Little Passports is a kids subscription company that focuses on "play-based science and geography kits delivered monthly." 

They offer 5 different subscriptions for ages 3 - 8+ and they have 3 different Geography based subscriptions and 2 Science subscriptions. So, Elliott is getting the Early Explorers meant for ages 3-5 and it's described as "discover the world’s wonders, from oceans to art to animals through hands-on activities, games and stories." This subscription is $27.95 US monthly, and you can also add on a book for $9.95 - you save more if you subscribe to a longer term. 

The first month comes with a little suitcase and passport to set you up for future months. I think this subscription sends you things based one your subscription term as opposed to having a new set of activities each month (meaning every subscriber will get the Ocean theme for month 2 of their subscription term, instead of Oceans being only the January 2022 theme). So, this is month two and the theme was "Oceans" - each month you will receive a themed package with an interactive souvenir, activity booklet, a puzzle, stickers, and more. The Ocean theme came with an activity book, stickers, a wooden fishing game, cards and a book. So, this is super cute and I'm excited to see what else will come! 


I loved my Smash & Tess dress that I got recently, so when I saw the leopard print tee dress on sale at Indigo for Boxing Day, I had to pick it up! And, I just got it and it's lovely! (It's not available anymore, but I wear a Medium for reference!) Also, this fit and length makes my want to buy this in every shade they come out with! 


My mom got a new embroidery machine and she has been going all out with the embroidery - I love it! She made me this cute reading pillow to carry around a book and relax with! Of course, it's got a lovely quote from my favourite book and it's lovely! 


I've been trying to step up some vegetarian meals the past couple of weeks and I found some really good ones! The first one is this Baked Orange Cauliflower and it was delicious (just add on some baking time with the sauce in the oven) and it was so good! Plus, the Mushroom Wellington from the Fraiche Living cookbook is sooo good! 


Okay, I took a picture and then accidentally deleted it - but, I tried the KFC Plant Chicken this week and it was delicious! I'm impressed with the plant based options and it was good - I got the sandwich and the popcorn chicken and they were both good! A KFC opened near us recently, so nice to have something if the kids want chicken one night and I'm not feeling it! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 


  1. OMG your mom made the pillow?! That's amazing!

    1. Yes!!! She is amazing at sewing/quilting - anything crafty! It's lovely!