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Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ October 2021 Issue 17 Trick or Tweet

It has been a minutes since I've ordered a Lush Kitchen subscription box - since the 1 year Anniversary box in May! (I needed to use up a few more bath products before picking up any more if I'm being honest). But, Lush has some of the best Halloween products, so I was not missing the October box! 

The Lush Kitchen Subscription box is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive Lush Labs goodies made exclusively for the box - every month subscribers vote on the monthly menu of products that they would or would not like to see in the box, so you can help pick what is included in the box! Also, all of the products included in each box will be vegan. 

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ October 2021 Issue 17 Trick or Tweet
I purchased this box on my own

Each month the Lush Kitchen Subscription box is £35 per month + shipping (shipping to Canada is £17.95), so all together the cost of the subscription box in Canada is £52.95 a month, which converts to around $95 each month). She's pricey for us Canadian's but, the subscription will come with 4-5 exclusive products and I think it will include a variety of products that Lush makes. 

Each month you pay and vote for products that are coming in the following month's box - so for this October's box, you had until September 5 to vote on the products you'd like to see and then payment comes out on the 6th of the previous month. Then, Lush spends the month making the products and ships it out at the end of September so receive it in October! 

You do have the option to skip months, which is great - I only get it every few months! The box arrived filled with Lush's usual cornstarch peanuts, an ingredient card, and the a QR code to scan for product details. (Also, this was the fastest this box has ever shipped to me in Canada - I was super impressed and also it was not beat up at all, and I've had a few that looked like they were going to fall apart on my doorstep!)

Here is a closer look at the products in this month's box: 

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ October 2021 Issue 17 Trick or Tweet

Lush Tweet Bubble BarPacked with plenty of tangerine oil, Tweet is a bubble bar that will refresh and lift your mood whatever the weather.

Tweet is an old Easter favourite from years ago, and people were a little upset when they didn't make an appearance in the April box, so I love that they dressed them up for Halloween and included them in this box - you could either get a black or green one in your box, which is really cute! Smells delicious too and Lush bubble bars are the best - they last so many baths, make tons of bubbles that last a long time! (Price point, this would be around $8.95 CAN). 

Lush Something Wicked Bath Melt ~ Spicy ginger and sensual jasmine seduce you into a purple tinted bath. Softening cocoa butter and almond oil ensure you emerge renewed. 

This is past Halloween product as well - I'm not the hugest fan of this more spicy scent, but I love bath melts as they are so comforting on the skin. Also, I tend to cut one like this in half because I think you can stretch this product out! (Price point, this would be about $12.95 CAN). 

Lush The Enchanter Bath Bomb ~ Unleash a feast for the senses with scents of zesty lime and neroli. Rich hued bath art expands across the water, reviving even the weariest of souls.    

This is in the scent Zesty (previously Calacas that was renamed), and this is a super loved bath bomb. It was a previous Halloween collection that has made some reappearances - I love the scent of this and am excited to see what's inside. It looks like it will be full of pinks and oranges! (Price point, this would be about $7.95 CAN).  

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ October 2021 Issue 17 Trick or Tweet

Lush Lord of Misrule Body Lotion ~ Make mischief with this classic blend of patchouli, black pepper, and vanilla. Distinctively spicy and devilishly sweet to give your skin a hydrating treat. 

Okay, this is Lush's classic Halloween scent - it's what Snow Fairy is to the Christmas line for Halloween. It's perfect - I usually try it in the bath bomb. So, I love that they've taken their classic Halloween scent and made it in to a different type of product than what's available in the regular Halloween line (which right now includes a shower gel and perfume). (Price point, this would be about $15.00 - $20.00 CAN). 

Lush Ectoplasm Shower Cream ~ Uplifting tangerine and grapefruit juice are here to return you to the land of the living. 

This is another classic Halloween scent - I'm pretty sure I've had this in a jelly bomb before from a previous Halloween collection (right now it's available in the regular Halloween line in shower slime formula). It smells delicious - I love a good citrusy scent! (Price point, this would be $10.95 CAN). 

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ October 2021 Issue 17 Trick or Tweet

Lush Tramp Perfume ~ Just one spritz will take you to the depths of the forest, shrouded in mists and leaves. A patchouli and oakmoss blend worth going to the ends of the earth for. 

This special edition perfume size is super cute and comes with the little box to hold them all in. Over the next 4 boxes, Lush will include 4 more perfumes to complete this fragrance set! Love this idea - there is currently a set online for about $85 in a "favourites" scent collection. 

I will be honest, I don't love this scent myself - I am quite picky with patchouli scents and I find this one to be a little on the earthy side for me. Wondering if I can combine it with something to lighten it up a little, but I think this set idea is lovely. (I won't collect them all as I already skipped next month's box, but look forward to seeing what they include in the Christmas box!)

Alright, as a Canadian the shipping cost really adds to the total cost making this just under $100 per month for me. I love that there was 6 products included in this both with a good mix of bath and body products! This box came with about $70 worth of products, although this is a box that I look for a huge value in - I love the exclusive and retro Lush products! If you are a Lushie, you will likely love this box for the nostalgia and exclusive scents! 

What do you think about this subscription? Of course, I would prefer if Lush North America came out with a subscription model, because it would likely be a little more cost effective for me! 

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