Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lush Halloween Bubble Bars

I always love Lush's Halloween line - I mean all their holiday collections are fabulous, but their Halloween collections are always so much fun! 

Lush Halloween Bubble Bars
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I'm really trying to use up all my bath products before buying anything new because I have quite the stockpile; but, the only exception to this is bubble bars! I use up bubble bars consistently so I only every have a few in my collection, so I was excited that I had some room to pick up a few new Lush Bubble Bars from their Halloween collection! 

Also, as much as I love trying out smaller brands and local, I have to say that Lush has the best bubble bar formula - they stretch out so many baths, bubble up well and then the bubbles last for so long in the bath! 

Lush Halloween Bubble Bars

Lush Screamo Bubble Blower ~ $13.95 CAN. This Scream-inspired bubble blower is made with a blend of skin-softening corn starch, along with ylang ylang and almond oils to give it a sweet and juicy cherry scent. Hold it under running water or swish it around like a paintbrush on canvas to create fruity bubbles. Then, when you're happy with your bubble-to-water ratio, blow a few fab bubbles with Screamo.

Okay, this is seriously the funnest bubble bar, and instead of crumbling a piece off for the bath, you just keep this on the stick and hold under the running water until you have as many bubbles as you want and you just keep re-using it! This one is huge, but even though this is $14, this is going to last at least 6 baths for me - these stretch much farther than you think! I've already starting using it and it smells fruity and deep; it's lovely!

Lush Alien Bubble Bar ~ $8.95 CAN. Need a little space? Grab Alien and hop in the tub to give yourself a little time to escape from the everyday. Even before your bath, brightening bergamot and litsea cubeba oils will transport your senses to a green, citrusy world. Crumble this bubbler under running water to unleash mounds of skin-softening bubbles, then sink deep into its neon waters, and space out.

This is such a good alien - it is very bright and looks "out of this world" (hehe - see what I did there). I love this bright citrusy scent and this will last at least 3 baths, but maybe 4 depending on how it breaks up! Again, these are my favourite formula of bubble bars across brands because they just last so well! 

Lush Worry Monster Bubble Bar ~ $8.95 CAN. Got too much on your mind? Let this little monster soak it all up. Whisper your worries into its ear, then crumble it under the tap to build a bath brimming with calming, comforting bubbles. Creamy cocoa butter softens your skin, lavender and ylang ylang oils soothe your soul and fennel clears your mind. Meanwhile, real popping candy fizzes and crackles as Worry Monster chews through troubles on your behalf. If you're left feeling perfectly at peace, this monster's job is done.

A little worry monster - how cute! Also, this might not actually be a Halloween item (it doesn't have a little Halloween tag on it, but I haven't been to Lush in a while so I don't know if it's a permanent product or not). But I love the lavender calming scent and I love that he's a monster meant to help relax you - he's adorable. Break off as much as you want and make a huge relaxing bath, or stretch him out for a few! 

This is me being totally reasonable this Halloween - only 3 new bath products (plus the Lush Kitchen subscription, but I couldn't resist that either). Do you pick up any Halloween collection products? 

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