Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Monthly Beauty Favourites - September 2021

Here's a look at Top 5 Favourite products for September:

Monthly Beauty Favourites - September 2021
The Paula's Choice was received as a PR sample - this post contains affiliate links

I didn't try too many new products this month, and honestly I took September too regroup and relax, so I was mainly using old beloved products; but, there was enough to share some new beloved products! 

Here's a closer look at the products:

Monthly Beauty Favourites - September 2021

Sydney Grace x Temptalia Eye Palette - Quintessence Light ~ $40.00 US. A celestial fantasy through a constellation of vivid tones and otherworldly finishes. It is inspired by all things space: the twinkling of stars and the dreams of nebulae on an endless journey through the galaxies and beyond.

I've never tried Sydney Grace shadows before, but really wanted to after she teamed up with Temptalia; because, Temptalia is the pretty much the O.G. of beauty bloggers - I always check her out for swatches and ratings, so you know if she is creating a collaboration, you know it is going to be amazing! And truly - this is a fabulous quality palette - the mattes are smooth and blendable, and the shimmers are gorgeous and pigmented! 

I love the greens and purples and the taupes - I will do a full review of this palette soon! Also, I'm surprised I haven't heard more people talking about these because Temptalia is such big name! 

Besame Cosmetics - Aurora Disney Princess Signature Compact & Lipstick ~ $159.00 CAN. 

I did just review this set here - this was a special limited edition Besame set! I love Aurora, and Besame has done some amazing collabs with Disney princesses - they really focus on shades featured in the movies and this one was a set that they only created 500 of and it's lovely. It comes with a highlighter and pink lipstick. The compact is exclusive and the lipstick is really pretty. Super high quality as well! 

Monthly Beauty Favourites - September 2021

Lush Illipe Of Faith Sugar Cleanser Roll ~ $13.95 CAN. Calming calamine powder and restorative illipe butter are added to golden castor sugar for a gentle scrub.

I swapped from physical scrubs to chemical exfoliants a while ago as I prefer gentle exfoliant on my skin; but, these new Lush cleanser rolls looked so good and it's very gentle! You pinch off a little piece, rub it in your hands and then rub on your face. This was super gentle, smelled good and was refreshing on the skin leaving it's nice and smooth! Really enjoyed this! 

Paula's Choice Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster ~ $29.00 US. An advanced anti-aging lip treatment that smooths away fine lines and keeps lips looking youthfully full with a powerful blend of moisture-attracting hyaluronic acid, firming peptides and hydrating squalane.

I raved about this over the Summer - it was perfect for dry lips in the Summer and has been working well as the weather is slowly cooling. This one has quickly become my daily work lip balm and it's so lovely because it adds a hint of gloss while hydrating and moisturizing!

Saje Wellness Unwind Harmonizing Diffuser Blend ~ $18.00 CAN for 10 ml. Relax and let go with this calming essential oil blend that feels like a warm hug after a long day—you deserve it.

Ahhh.... this is actually something that's been a favourite for a while, that I haven't talked about this. I got this blend and a diffuser in a past Jilly Box and it's lovely - it is so calming and so relaxing. It is described as smelling like a dewy meadow and is blended with lavender, bergamot and geranium. I have been using this month especially to relax and regroup and I put this on when I'm in the bath, when I need to "unwind" and relax! It's lovely! 

What have you guys been loving this month?! 

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