Monday, August 16, 2021

Manicure Monday - Holo Taco Hot-Wire Pink

Happy Manicure Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend - we are back out at the cabin, so I'm keeping it easy again for this week's mani! 

Manicure Monday - Holo Taco Hot-Wire Pink
I purchased this product myself

I hope you guys are okay with my swatches lately - I need to get back in to nail art when I finally get a weekend at home some time (plus I need that sad little middle nail to grow!) 

But, I hope you are still enjoying the Summery nail polishes I've been swatching - this whole month the CBBxManiMonday team are doing Summer nails so I'm keeping mine nice and bright! 

Manicure Monday - Holo Taco Hot-Wire Pink

This shade is Holo Taco's Hot-Wire Pink and it is described as "this hot pink polish is like a joyride in a pink sports car on a rainbow road" and I love that! (The polishes are $14.00 US each).

The top picture is swatched in direct sunlight and the bottom is just inside in indirect sun and it's gorgeous as is, but in the sunshine, it is amazing! Honestly, I'm so in love with the Holo Taco holographic polishes! They are amazing! 

I love this shade! As always, make sure to check out Cosmetic Proof and Prairie Beauty Love to see their Summer nails too! 

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