Friday, April 16, 2021

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ Vol. 11 April 2021

 I've made it pretty clear here that I'm a big Lushie, so naturally I was very excited last year when Lush Kitchen announced that they were starting a subscription box, of course I ordered it right away and the first box was in May! It is a little pricey with the conversion to Canada; but, I've only been getting it every couple of months, so I consider it a fun subscription box splurge! 

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ Vol. 11 April 2021
I purchased this box on my own

The Lush Kitchen Subscription box is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive Lush Labs goodies made exclusively for the box - every month subscribers vote on the monthly menu of products that they would or would not like to see in the box, so you can help pick what is included in the box! Also, all of the products included in each box will be vegan. 

Each month the Lush Kitchen Subscription box is £35 per month + shipping (shipping to Canada is £17.95), so all together the cost of the subscription box in Canada is £52.95 a month, which converted to $94.25 CAN this month). The subscription will come with 4-5 exclusive products and I think it will include a variety of products that Lush makes; but, will of course be mostly bath and body products. 

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ Vol. 11 April 2021

Each month you pay and vote for products that are coming in the following month's box - so for this April box, you have until March 5 to vote on the products you'd like to see and then payment comes out on the 6th of the previous month. Then, Lush spends the month making the products and ships it out at the end of November so you receive it in April! Also, just because you vote for a product does not guarantee that you will receive the item - they will make the most popular products as well as through in a few that weren't voted on! The box is a complete surprise until you receive it! 

You do have the option to skip months, which I love in a subscription and I have skipped and will continue to skip here and there since this subscription box is quite expensive with shipping to Canada, so I will likely keep it as a little treat every couple of months! 

The box arrived filled with Lush's usual cornstarch peanuts to help the environment as well as a product card and an ingredient card. Here is a look at the products in the April 2021 (Vol. 11) box:

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ Vol. 11 April 2021

Lush Repeat Orange Foot Balm ~ Apply on toenails, cracked heels and dry areas. Rub in and repeat until smooth and sorted. It won't take long. 

Okay, this is a lovely brand new product! This is great for moisturizing and protecting the feet and I'm so excited for this - I think it's perfect for Spring because who's feet don't need love and attention right now! (Price point, there is a similar size cuticle butter for $19.95 CAN).

Lush Pot 'O Gold Shower Jelly ~ Shimmering golden lathers to dazzle and delight. Bring a wealth of seet pudding-like aromas into the shower. 

This is a huge pot of shower jelly - this is a past release from a few years ago in a Spring collection. It's cute and this will last a while. I don't mind shower jellies, but they aren't my favourite formula and the scent is okay (the pudding description is a little weird for me!), but I will use this. (Price point, this size shower jelly is around $16.95 CAN). 

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box ~ Vol. 11 April 2021

Lush Bunny Bubble Bar ~ Contains loads of coconut oil and shea butter to soften and moisturize the skin, and the sweet, comforting fragrance of Fairtrade vanilla absolute to calm the mind. Tiny blue cornflower petals are at the center of this Bunny’s tummy and will swirl about in the tub for the ultimate springtime bathing experience.

Alright, the them for this month's box was Bunny vs. Tweet for the bubble bars and I voted for both because there are adorable, and I was secretly hoping that we would get both in the box, but either is great. This one is sweet smelling - love the vanilla and I loved finding out that it is pink with little flower petals inside too! I love the bubble bar formula so always happy to see them in here! (Price point, this is likely around $9.95 CAN). 

Lush Wear Me, Share Me Pins ~ set of two wooden pins with Lush logo 

The 5th item this month were a set of pins, which is fun and a little different. I display some of my pins so I will likely add one to there and share the other one! 

Lush April Showers Bath BombFor your own little April showers (or rather baths), drop this fizzer into hot water and clear your cloudy skies with cedarwood and cypress oils. As the softening Fair Trade cocoa butter raindrops melt away, tonka absolute comes out to play with fresh violet leaf absolute.

This is a cute, fitting bath bomb for an April box - a little rain cloud that has an earthier scent to it. Bath bombs are a classic, so I always expect one in these boxes and will always use them! (Price point, this is probably around $7.95 CAN). 

As a Canadian the shipping cost really adds to the total cost making this just under $100 per month for me. I paid $94.25 for this box, which works out to about $18.85 per product, with the 5 products in the box. This came with about $60 worth of products. (Also, the value isn't spot on because of the shipping to Canada, if you were in the UK it would be much more even!)

I will be honest, this isn't a box that you would pick up for a huge value, this is mainly about getting exclusive and retro Lush products! If you are a Lushie, you will likely love this box for the nostalgia and exclusive scents! 

What do you guys think about this subscription box?