Sunday, December 13, 2020

November 2020 What I Bought - Monthly Haul!

I always love my Monthly Haul posts, so I can share with you everything I picked up in the month; because, as much as I love blogging, I can't share every single thing I picked up! 

Instead of budgeting each month (like I was trying at the start of the year), I'm just sticking to the being more conscious about my purchases and just make sure it's makeup that I will really like before buying it! I want to make sure that I can use and enjoy the products I have in my collection and that I will really use the products I picked up!  

I purchased everything in this post

Colourpop Haul ~ $59.62. I hadn't purchased from ColourPop in just over a year, but when this Baby Yoda palette came out, I knew I had to pick it up! So, I picked up a few other things that had caught my eye lately! I did a full post on everything I picked up - check it out here

Sephora Order #1 ~ $194.55 CAN. I was so excited for the Natasha Denona Triochrome palette release (and even better that it was during the 20% off sale!!) You can see a full review on the triochrome palette that I did here, plus maybe you noticed that both the triochrome palette and Sephora Collection Facial Cooling Globes in my November Monthly Favourites! I also got the Oat Cleansing Balm from the Inkey List (I have been eyeballing it for a while, but it wasn't available at Shoppers!) And then, I also got a Charlotte Tilbury birthday gift too!

Bloom Body Co. ~ $35.00 CAN. I picked a few goodies from some local Calgary brands and Bloom Body Co. was top of the list for my Shop Local YYC Stocking Stuffers post! I love bath salts, so I'm always excited to pick up a few different kinds (any maybe gift the mini one!)

The Body Shop Haul ~ $49.35 CAN. Again, I picked up some stocking stuffers (mainly the body yogurt) and a few other goodies that I was interested in - the pillow mist and coconut hair and body spray! The shower gel/body butter set was only $5 with the purchase, so of course I got one! 

XO Treatment Room Order ~ $82.42 CAN. I love when XO Treatment Room comes up with Thursday specials and when one of my favourite brands comes out with sheet masks, I have to try them! I have enjoyed these and they were 5 for $50. I also picked up a couple of travel size goodies - vitamin c serum and a cleanser. I included those minis in my Shop Local post

Miniso Mask Haul ~ $42.02 CAN. I can never walk in to a Miniso without loading up on masks, so I picked up some Papa Recipe, Miniso x Marvel, SNP and LMsolution masks. I like the papa recipe masks and the rest are all new to me! Order ~ $78.62 CAN. Oh look - more stocking stuffers ad holiday goodies! I couldn't resist! I picked up a few sets from Cake Beauty, Origins, and Barefoot Venus, plus some cute Christmas masks from Masque Bar and festive hand soaps from Live Clean! I will be sharing more about some of these soon! 

Shoppers Order ~ $102.90 CAN. I picked up more sets from Buxom and Korres that caught my eyes at Shoppers and plan on doing a holiday set soon so I can share more about them all! Also, I picked up two sets of holiday crackers really hoping to have a girl's Christmas dinner, but sadly, I will be saving these for next year! 

Sephora Order #2 ~ $50.87 CAN. Alright, I have clearly been a little less thoughtful this month about purchasing and just buying all the gift sets! Whoops! But, I was super intrigued by both of these lip sets from Bite and Laniege. Plus, my little freebies were from Farmacy and Belif! 

Trendmood Box - Nabla ~ $77.73 CAN. I could not resist picking up the Nabla Trendmood Box - it came with the Side by Side palette, Ruby Glitter palette, Major Pleasure Mascara and Ruby Eye brush set! I can't wait to try all of these - if I'm being honest though, it will probably be in January when I can sit down and play with them! 

Cosrx 10 Pack Order ~ $36.94 CAN. I have been typically been ordering these in packs of 2 or 3, but my skin hasn't been great so I just went all in for 10 packs - I need them! These are a holy grail! 

Scratch Monthly Mani Kits - November & December ~ $40.35 CAN. I forgot to include the November Monthly Mani Kit on my last monthly haul, so we are doubling up this month! The second picture is from @ninanailedit because I haven't received my December kit as you pay for it at the end of November and then ship it in December! It's so cute though, I hope I get it soon! 

BKind Polish ~ $16.80 CAN. I placed a local Without Co. order and picked up a BKind polish in the shade Seasure that's a dark blue - it is really pretty and I'm excited to see how it works!

So, I spent $876.32 - could you imagine if I was still on a $100 a month budget?! I would have been so stressed out! I know I went a little crazy, I'm supposed to be a little more thoughtful, but whoops - I will still use everything I pick! 

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