Saturday, December 19, 2020

Lush Christmas 2020 Collection!

I'm a total sucker for Lush's holiday collections - they always pull out all the stops for their Christmas releases! 

Skincare Saturday - Lush Christmas Collection!
I purchased everything in this post

I picked up a whole range of products, as usual - I don't hold back when it comes to the Lush Christmas collection. I got shower gels, bath products, lotions, a shampoo bar and even a little shower steamer! I do love the range of products that they release for the holidays! 

Also, this is nowhere near everything that they came out with for their holiday collection - this is only a portion that caught my eye specifically. They came out with way more bath products, soaps, scrubs, sets, scents and even a little bit of makeup! 

Skincare Saturday - Lush Christmas Collection!

I can never resist picking up a few goodies from Snow Fairy - it is my favourite scent of all Lush products I've tried, and it's limited edition for Christmas, so know is the time to pick it up! 

Lush Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar ~ $12.95 CAN. This innovative, packaging-free shampoo bar lathers up your locks with the bestselling bubblegum scent of Snow Fairy and leaves your hair feeling clean and soft.

I have enjoyed the shampoo bars that I've tried, so I'm really curious to see how a Snow Fairy scented one will be! It smells so good and I'm hoping that it works well for my thin, fine hair type! It is made with Persian Lime Oil to help boost your mood and Marshmallow Root Powder to soften the hair! 

Lush Snow Fairy Bath Bomb ~ $7.95 CAN. Yet another way to enjoy the ultra-sweet cotton candy Snow Fairy scent, this time in a relaxing bath filled with stunning plastic-free sparkle.

This is perfect - a classic snow fairy scent in a bath bomb that will leave the room smelling delicious and the bath water pink! Sounds lovely! 

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel ~ 100 ml for $9.95 CAN. The one that started it all: this pink, shimmery gel smells just like bubblegum and cotton candy and has been one of our top sellers for over a decade.

This is a classic - I picked up the smallest size because I just need a little bottle to use during the year; but, if you are a die hard (or shopping for a Snow Fairy die hard) you can get bigger sizes all the way up to a 1000 ml bottle for $49.95! The scent is lovely and sweet and I like the Lush shower gel formula - this is the one product I continuously buy every holiday! 

Skincare Saturday - Lush Christmas Collection!

Lush Once Upon A Time Body Lotion ~ 90 g for $10.95 CAN (or 210 g for $21.95 CAN). Smooth and soften dry winter skin with this beautiful limited-edition lotion made with a gentle green apple scent and a host of hydrating butters and oils.

I will be honest, I picked this up because it felt very "fairytale" to me - it's called Once Upon a Time and smells like apples, sold! But, this does actually smell delicious and I like the Lush lotions! 

Lush Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Shower Gel ~ 250 ml for $24.95 CAN. A perfect choice for anyone who's looking to truly relax in the shower this winter, with relaxing chestnut purée, soothing cedarwood and skin-calming oat milk. 

This is a nice warm, slightly spicy scented shower gel - it smells like Christmas and this looks like a nice creamy shower gel formula and I love that formula as it's nice and lathery and hydrating! 

Lush Yog Nog Body Milk ~ 250 ml for $21.95 CAN (or 100 ml for $10.95 CAN). New for this year is this light, hydrating body milk that's thinner than our traditional potted lotions and smells just like the bestselling shower gel of the same name.

I haven't tried a Lush body milk, but it's a light bottled lotion and I'm really excited to try the formula. As much as I love their potted lotions, I think a bottle is a little easier to use and less messy! I love the scent of this - it's nice and warm and yummy and this lotion uses Almond Oil to nourish the skin, Clove Bud to add some spicy stimulation, and Ylang Ylang for a soothing relaxing effect. 

Skincare Saturday - Lush Christmas Collection!

Lush Sugar Plum Shower Bomb ~ $3.95 CAN. Hold this plum-scented fizzer under the shower's spray, let it foam up and then use it to gently cleanse your body. It's all the fun of a bath bomb, but made for the shower.

Okay, I thought this was a shower steamer that you leave it on the floor and it scents the shower, but this is a cool idea - steaming, soapy thing. This is a lovely scented little showery bomb thing and I'm excited to use it! 

Lush Elfie Stick Bubble Stick ~ $5.95 CAN. A handy little bubbler that's good for several baths and smells like a pear drop—the classic sweetshop treat.

How cute is this little bubble bar?! I love the shape of this and that this is reusable for a few baths so you can pick how much bubbles you want in the bath! I love the scent of this as well and I always think the Lush bubble bar formula is so good and it's so bubbly and lovely! 

Lush Kinky Boots Bubble Bar ~ $7.95 CAN. Looking for a bubble bath that's also great for dry skin? This bubbler is a two-in-one with a foaming red base and black boots made with rich cocoa butter to soften and soothe.

I love this little combo of a bubble bar and almost a little bath oil/butter on top, so this will be great for the skin to use. I love this bubble bar's name and the shape with Santa's legs! So fun and this uses Cocoa Butter to soften the skin, Ylang Ylang to sooth and calm, and Jasmine to help boost your mood! 

Lush I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas ~ $5.95 CAN. A sweet new addition to our Christmas lineup: a fizzy hippo loaded with plastic-free stars and the fruity-sweet scents of citrus, raspberry and cherry. 

This may be made after my favourite Christmas song and it's so adorable - plus, it was a beautiful berry scent and I love fruity, sweet scents for my baths! I like that the little glitter bits are plastic free too. 

Skincare Saturday - Lush Christmas Collection!

This little Hippopotamus is so adorable and the little cute stars were a fun addition to a classic bath bomb! 

I always think the Lush holiday products have something for everyone and I really enjoyed the products they released this year! 

Skincare Saturday - Lush Christmas Collection!

Did you pick up anything from the Lush Christmas collection this year? 

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