Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice

I recently did a Full Face Using All Catrice Products as it was a newer brand to Canada (just starting coming to Shopper's Drug Mart a couple of months ago) and I was really excited to try their products out! And, I have to say, there were some seriously impressive products that I tried - I know the foundation was an instant favourite! 

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice
These products were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

So, when this adorable little "lip care" package arrived from Catrice, I couldn't wait to give everything a try (perfect timing too as my usual lip mask had ran out and I was hoping to find a replacement in here!)

What's great is everything in the Catrice lip line is between $7 and $10 - they are a really well priced drugstore line (found at Shoppers or Beauty Boutique online, which you know I love because you can collect and use PC points there!) Catrice is a cruelty-free brand as well - something to note if you only shop cruelty free. 

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice

Catrice Lip Plumping Mask ~ $9.99 CAN. Bye Bye Chapped Lips! This Catrice moisturizing lip mask is enriched with hyaluronic acid to softens and visibly volumize the lips. Use it overnight when lips need a little extra TLC or throughout the day for a shiny finish.

This mask can be used day or lip for extra moisture. I haven't ever used a plumping mask overnight. This is a tingly formula for a lip plumping mask, but not overly so - on the more extreme end, I find the Too Faced one tingles and stings quite a bit, where this is a more balm formula so it goes on smooth and offers a medium amount of tingle to the lips. It does add a visibly plumped look and I thought it was pretty softening too. I don't often use a lip plumper as they can be too much, where this one is not so I will actually use it! 

Catrice Lip Treatment ~ $9.99 CAN. Pampered Pout! The Catrice Lip Treatment is a creamy lip balm enriched with shea butter to provide intensive moisture. Can be used before going to bed as a lip mask.

This was the lip product that I was hoping would replace my nightly lip mask, that I just finished and it's done a pretty good job so far. It's a little stiffer formula than I anticipated; but, it does warm up nicely and then apply in a nice thick coat to the lips. I've worn it overnight and find that it does a pretty good job keeping my lips moisturized and hydrated and it's fully absorbed by the morning with no left over residue! While it might not does as amazing of a job as my Laneige lip mask, for less than half the price, it's a good alternative! 

Catrice Lip Oil ~ $9.99 CAN. Smooth Operator. Regenerate lips with Catrice's Lip Oil treatment. The transparent oil is formulated with almond oil to moisturize and smooth lips. Use alone for a pampered pout or use before lipstick to hydrate lips.

I'm a fan of lip oils and this one was really interesting because it has a dropper style applicator - I've only ever used a roll on or doe foot applicator. This does make it a little difficult to apply it directly to the lips, so I've been applying it to my finger and then to my lips which is easy enough. I love almond oil and it makes it smell great too! I thought this worked well! 

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice

Catrice Coconut Balm ~ $7.99 CAN. Coconut Kiss! This Catrice nourishing lip balm is enriched with coconut oil, argan oil and vitamin E, leaving lips moisturized with the scent of tropical coconuts.

I love the smell of coconuts, so this is such a good smelling balm. And, it is moisturizing on the lips - no complaints that the formula is nice. But, this lip balm is super white - it definitely leaves a white cast over the lips, which makes it really hard to wear out. I will use it as a home balm though, so it's not wasted! 

Catrice Sugar Scrub and Balm ~ $7.99 CAN. Pout primer! Exfoliate, soothe and smooth with Catrice's Lip Sugar Scrub and Balm. The pampering sugar formula quickly melts leaving lips perfectly primed and baby soft. 

This is a pretty gentle lip scrub in a stick and it was okay - I'm not the best person to judge these formulas as I just don't like lip scrubs in a tube form. There is a just something about it - I prefer something a little grainier that I can scrub in quick and rinse off. This one was okay and if you like these more gentle scrubs in a stick, you'd probably like this one. Just not a formula for my preferences! 

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice

Catrice Power Plumping Gel Lipstick ~ $9.99 CAN. Perfectly kissable! This Catrice lipstick is enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, this high-shine lipstick has a lightweight gel texture and provides medium to high coverage. Lips feel smooth and are visibly fuller.

These lipsticks are a new, gel texture high-shine formula. I have to say, I like the packaging - and that actually goes for this whole line, it doesn't feel cheap at all - really sturdy and good quality. I love the "Be Brave" stamped in to the lipstick too for a nice added touch. 

The shades I have in the Power Plumping Gel Lipsticks are 070 "For The Brave" - a bright, medium pink and 090 "The Future is Femme" a bold red. 

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice

Here is "For The Brave" on - it's quite a bright shade, but the formula applies on the lips really smoothly and it is pretty comfortable to wear. I find it wears off in an average time (a couple of hours, maybe less if eating, but I did eat with this on and it wasn't a mess). It does leave a slight tint look to the lips as it wears off, which I like and find it makes lipstick wear off easier. 

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice

Here is "The Future is Femme" on the lips - I really loved this shade. It is a bright shade, but it looks nice on. It's a really comfortable formula to apply and wear - I was actually a little worried that it would smudge or move around and it didn't which is great. It has a nice, glossy finish with a medium coverage - I think this formula is going to be perfect to wear for Spring and Summer! 

Show Your Lips Some Love With New Affordable Lip Products From Catrice

Overall, I'm really happy with the formula of these products! I like Catrice prices and accessibility and I think they are delivering some great products at great prices - plus, these don't look like $8 products - they did a good job on the packaging too! 

Have you tried Catrice yet? What is your favourite from the brand?


  1. I love that bright pink lipstick shade! I'm so excited that Catrice is finally in Canada x

    1. Thank you! And yes, so happy to see the brand here too!