Thursday, December 6, 2018

Kocostar Sliced Cucumber Mask - Try-on and Review!

I'm a day late for Mask Wednesday; but, we are going ahead with a mask review anyways! 

Kocostar Sliced Cucumber Mask

I will say it 100 times here - I'm a total sucker for packaging on masks. The cuter it is, the more I need it on my face. So, when I came across these Kocostar masks in Anthropologie, I had to try them! 

You might be thinking that this mask isn't very exciting - the front is very simple (but still it drew me in enough to check it out); but, wait.... 

Kocostar Sliced Cucumber Mask

Boom! It actually looks like sliced cucumbers! How cute is that?!

Kocostar Sliced Mask - Cucumber ~ $5.00 CAN. Korean brand Kocostar offers at-home spa treatments formulated to rescue dry skin, strengthen nails, condition split ends and brighten the complexion. Each single-use mask and cream is free of phthalates and parabens, full of essential oils and packed with an aromatherapeutic punch.

The cucumber mask is for moisturizing and refreshing the skin! This mask also comes in Lemon and Rose! (I have the rose one as well and I can't wait to use it too!)

I actually thought this mask was a full sheet mask when I bought it, it wasn't until I saw Jayne from Cosmetic Proof review this mask that I realized it was actually 12 little individual masks! That is really cool because you can target dry areas and place these where you want! 

Kocostar Sliced Cucumber Mask

Even though these are little mini masks, they are still used very similar to a full sheet mask. Wash face, apply toner, and apply the little masks to wherever you need a little moisture - face, arms, neck, or anywhere else! Where for 15 to 20 minutes and remove. Then, complete skincare routine! 

Kocostar Sliced Cucumber Mask

I just applied the 12 mini masks all over the face and targeted a few drier areas on my face. These masks were really thin, had a decent amount of essence and adhered pretty good to the face. The masks also have a light, artificial cucumber scent (which I like!)

For the most part, these masks lasted about 20 minutes, there was 2 or 3 that dried up and fell off around the 5 to 10 minute mark. There was a little essence left over to massage in to the face. The essence was a little tacky for about an hour after wearing these; but, my skin was very hydrated! These were so fun and worked well! 

Kocostar Sliced Cucumber Mask

Have you guys tried these mini masks before?! 

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  1. Thank you for the shoutout Renee and I am glad I helped you "see the light" in realizing they were mini-masks LOL! We mask lovers have just so much sometimes! A few dried out completely for me while they were on my face as well, but agreed that the mini masks were still surprisingly hydrating!

    1. Hahaha... these are super cute! I'm always happy when I pick out the same masks as you!