Saturday, November 4, 2017

October 2017 - Monthly Empties!

Let's take a look at my beauty garbage from October:

The Face Shop Fresh Cleansing Wipes ~ $15.00.

I love these Face Wipes - I reviewed them here and they made my Monthly Favorites in August! They are vey saturated and actually work to remove all makeup types, including mascara and liquid lipsticks! Love! 
Repurchase: Yes I need to! 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Removing Micelle Solution ~ $5.99 for travel size. 

This is my hands down my holy grail makeup remover - I don't usually buy one this small, but I went on a trip and brought a really crappy remover with me so I had to just grab something small. I found this bottle a little harder to squeeze the product out than normal, but still worked well.
Repurchase: Yes (maybe not this size though!)

Glamglow Flashmud Brightening Treatment ~ sample size 0.5 oz for $24.00. (full size is $79.00).

I love this mask - it works so well and actually delivers on brightening the skin. I find this very refreshing to use and it smells amazing! You put it on in circular motions to help activate and then leave on for 20 minutes prior to rinsing off! It just cleared everything off and worked so well! Love!
Repurchase: Yes, despite the price I need this again! 

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Foaming 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel for Face and Eyes ~ full size for $30.00.

Have you ever gotten to the point with a product that you almost dread using it because you just don't like it but can't really bring yourself to chuck it - like it will be done soon... right?! I know this sounds dramatic, but this actually took forever to get through! And, I used it as much as I could - I washed my brushes with this! I didn't mind it at first, but I just didn't find it that great. It was maybe a tad drying on my skin and just didn't work for me.
Repurchase: No

Renaissance Beauty Hydrating Blemish Therapy Lotion ~ $27.00 for 2 oz (0.5 oz shown here). 

I got this a long time ago in a beauty box, and I really liked it; but, I think now it's past it's prime and the texture was weird and gooey and doesn't work very well.
Repurchase: Nah...

107 OneOSeven Core Flex Cream ~ $48.00 full size. 

This was fine - it's always a little hard to tell from a one use lotion. It worked well but that's about it.
Repurchase: Not likely

REN Keep Young And Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot ~ sample (full size is $67.00). 

This sample was actually really good - it lasted about 3 uses and worked decent on my skin! Again, a little hard to tell from the sample, but my skin did like it! 
Repurchase: Mmm... hard to tell... not likely... 

Diamond Wipes Gentle Cleansing Makeup Remover Wipes ~ $?.

These are just hotel makeup removers - it worked, but I have certainly used better.
Repurchase: Nah... 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Wet Cement ~ $3.99. 

This is a lovely grey nail polish - it just dried up when I went to use it this month! I'm actually really fond of these Sally Hansen polishes. They are inexpensive and often on sale for even less and they last for a week with no chips!
Repurchase: Yes 

Formula X Base Coat ~ $7.00. 

I love Formula X products - this has been my go to base coat for a while and really like this! 
Repurchase: Already have! 

Not Soap, Radio - When life gives you one too many lemons (and you've misplaced your happy place) joy inducing hand/body lotion ~ sample size 20 ml for $1.27 (full size is 375 ml for $23.80). 

This smelled really good, but it just didn't last very long. My hands were dry within an hour again.
Repurchase: No

Crest ProHealth Advanced Rinse ~ $7.99. 

This is the best mouthwash ever - I hate mouthwashing (is that okay to admit here?!) but this one doesn't taste quite as terrible burning as the rest! 

Repurchase: Yes 

Bath Time Store Moisture Whip "Lavender" ~ $9.50. 

I really love most products from Bath Time Box/Store - this lotion smelled great and I love the whipped texture. But, this was too oily/greasy for me. I had to use it at nighttime before putting on my pyjamas and then it worked well. 
Repurchase: No

Bausch + Lomb Sensitive Eyes Multi-purpose Solution ~ $10.99. 

Not a very exciting product - I wear contacts and this is the only contact solution I use. It works well.
Repurchase: Yes, already have! 

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ~ full size for $29.00. 

I have repurchased this dry shampoo multiple times - it is more expensive then I wish to spend on dry shampoo but it really is the best I have tried. It made my Monthly Favorites in April 2016 and it smells good and leaves no white cast! I buy both the large and the travel size! 
Repurchase: Yes! 

Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Conditioner & Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo ~ $3.99 each. 

I think I got these in a freebie grocery add on pack; but, these did work decently for my hair. I like hydrating products and this didn't weigh down my hair or anything. These were my bath shampoo/conditioner which I use less often than my shower ones. They just weren't anything special. I would use them again but am not running out to the store to repurchase asap. 
Repurchase: Maybe

Monat Revive Shampoo ($45.00 CAN), Monat Revitalize Conditioner ($61.00 CAN), Monat Replenish Masque ($65.00 CAN), and Monat Rejuvenique Oil ($129.00 CAN) ~ samples. 

I touched on these a little more here on a Five on Friday post; but, I was really excited to try Monat products because I have heard from a lot of moms with post partum hair loss that this brand really helps hair to stop falling out! Anyways, long story these samples lasted me 2 times and they made my hair super soft. No denying that they worked great that way, but I didn't see a noticeable difference in terms of stopping hair loss which is what I was looking forward to. They are bit on the expensive side for not seeing the results I wanted. But they did make my hair feel really nice! 
Repurchase: Mmm, not likely  

Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb ~ $7.75.

I love Lush's seasonal releases and their Halloween collection is always amazing! The pumpkin bath bomb smells nice and spicy and I loved it. It did leave my bath a little orange after though! 
Repurchase: Yes, next Halloween

Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar ~ $7.95.

This is actually the cutest Bubble Bar ever! I may be a little swayed because I love cats, but this is really, really great! It's also not a Fall spicy scent, but a sweet berry scent! It made so many bubbles and gave me a black bath which was awesome! And, it did not leave any colour behind after! 
Repurchase: YES! Please bring this back next year Lush! 

Small Batch Soaps Skull Candy Bath Bomb ~ $6.95. 

I did a whole post on my recent Small Batch Soap order - you can check it out here! This bath bomb was huge and smelled delicious - like candy! Also, it had fun little skull pieces inside. It was long lasting so the scent lasted for a long time! Loved this! 
Repurchase: Yes, I think so 

Small Batch Soaps Pumpkin Spice - Doughnut Bath Bomb ~ $6.00. 

Is it even October if you don't use something Pumpkin Spice?! i'm kidding - but how cute is this donut bath bomb?! It has a little drizzle of shea butter over top too! It smelled great and again was a slow fizzer so it lasted a long time too! 
Repurchase: Yes 

Bath Time Store Soap ~ $7.50. 

Okay, I have to start by saying that Bath Time Box/Store soaps have been my favorite for years. This one I think was a sample that was added on to one of my orders. It was scrubby and had big chunks in it to help exfoliate the skin. This was the only soap from them that I have not enjoyed and I just found the scrubbies to harsh on my skin.
Repurchase: Not this type, but any other kind they make YES!

Kopa Kauai Lychee Soap ~ $7.93 CAN. 

I bought this earlier this year when I was in Kauai at their Farmer's Market and this smells soooo amazing! It is so bright and the soap itself works great. I always say I won't go back to mass produced soaps after using handmade - they are just so much better! 
Repurchase: Yes, can I go back to Kauai to buy more please?! 

So, in October I used up 27 products - pretty good, although a good chunk of them were bath bombs and foil samples, but hey it still counts! There were lots of products I really loved this month! 

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