Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mask Wednesday - The Face Shop Bio-Cell Recovery Face Mask

Happy Mask Wednesday! I always love finding masks that feel amazing on the skin and I knew this bio-cellulose material was going to be amazing! 

Mask Wednesday - The Face Shop Bio-Cell Recovery Face Mask

The Face Shop Bio-Cell Recovery Face Mask ~ $4.00. This recovery mask features a naturally adhesive bio-cellulose sheet and a Madecassoside serum that effectively soothes irritated skin due to exposure to the elements.

My skin has still been really up and down since having a baby - silly hormones! So, right now my skin needs everything recovery! This sounds like everything I need right now! 

The material of this mask is bio-cellulose and if you haven't tried a mask like this, you NEED to! It feels like a very thin gel mask material and it adheres to the skin amazingly! 

Mask Wednesday - The Face Shop Bio-Cell Recovery Face Mask

This mask is worn like all other sheet masks - wash face, tone skin, apply mask, wear for 10-20 minutes, remove mask and pat remaining essence in to skin. 

The only difference with this mask is it comes in 3 layers - because the mask material is so thin, it has a cover layer on the front and the back. So you just peel off 1 layer, apply the mask and then peel off the remaining layer.

I love the fit of this mask - it fits like a glove and is super soft - it feels like a very thin gel mask. It adheres well; but, I wish that it had a little more essence; it feels a touch dry on the skin. This lasted for about 15 minutes, which is a little shorter than I normally wear my masks for but is great for a quick option.

I really loved this mask! Yes it was quick to wear, but I thought it delivered! The material was great and it felt amazing on the skin! This is cooling on the skin and made my skin look good after! It isn't the most hydrating and leaves skin a touch tacky after wearing it, but again I still think it worked well! 

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