Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Manicure Tuesday - Purrmaid & Merkittens Nail Decals!

What happens when you plan beachy nails on the same day as International Cat day?! Merkittens!!! Or is it purrmaids? Either way - these are purrfect for Summer! 

Manicure Tuesday - Purrmaid & Merkittens Nail Decals!

I just got these AMAZING Merkitten decals from an awesome Etsy shop called PearlPlanet! Seriously, I saw them in an instagram post and had to have them immediately! They had super reasonable shipping costs and came really fast! (If you want to see the other nail decals I got from the shop, check out my "What I Bought This Month" for July post!  

For my base polish, I used Essie "Go Ginza" which is described as a "soft cherry blossom pink". (I personally think it's a touch more lavender, but I love the color!)

Now, this was an easy Mani to do! These decals are water transfer decals (think temporary tattoos but for your nails!) so they are super easy to apply! I applied them after 2 coats of my base color, and I followed up with 2 coats of top coat as suggested by PearlPlanet! 

Manicure Tuesday - Purrmaid & Merkittens Nail Decals!

Seriously, how stinkin cute are these decals?! Merkittens and Purrmaids for the win! My favorite Summer nails so far! This helps me show my Crazy Cat Lady persona to the world!

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