Friday, August 18, 2017

Five on Friday - August 18, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week! Mine was really busy but good - my sister was in town from Vancouver so we had family dinners every day and lots of outings during the week! I'm feeling sick today so I'm going to have a quiet weekend and rest up so I feel better! 


I went shopping this week and passed an awesome sale at David's Tea! The Agave single servings, the lemon pound cake tea and the 3 tea gifts were 5 for $10 and then the 3 pitcher packs were 3 for $10! Really excited to try all of these! I really don't need any more tea, but I couldn't resist a sale! 


It has been a long time since I purchased anything from Fabletics! But a few months ago I forgot to skip my month so I have had a credit sitting on my account! When I saw the outfit with these beautiful floral leggings and black knot top, I had to get them! Also, these cute coral crop sweats were on sale so I had to get them too! 


This week, a few girls from our baby group got together for a baby & mom movie date! There are a few movie theatres that offer a Stars & Strollers program so that babies can come to the movies with you! The sound isn't as loud and it's not as dark and really for all of us with babies, the best part is if your baby cries, you do not need to leave the theatre! I do wish the strollers could come right in the theatre, and the change tables and bottle warmers were right in the theatre as well, it is nice that they offer a private room with those! 

This week we saw The Glass Castle and I really enjoyed it! I read the book years ago in 1 sitting - I couldn't put it down! I thought this was well acted and pretty intense!


Eeeek how sweet is this little baby photo package I got! I know I have talked a ton about Elliott's newborn photo session, but I can't get enough of these! We got a little photo book as a gift and this adorable little fox USB and a few prints as well. Again, a huge thanks to Ashley at A.C. Photography for these pictures! (He was so small - this seems so long ago already!)


It's been a busy week; but, with everything we did this week my mom, sister and I got in a broadway show! 

We went and saw The Phantom of The Opera and it was amazing! It was funny and dramatic all at the same time - the music, sets, and singing were unreal! So good!

Whew, now that that busy week is over, I am going to relax all weekend! Hope you all have a great weekend!