Sunday, July 2, 2017

Skincare Sunday - Getting Summer Ready With Rodial!

It's Summer, which means we are getting ready to bare some skin with this warm weather! Rodial skincare wants to help you get "super fit" with their body care range!  

Skincare Sunday - Getting Summer Ready With Rodial!

I have a few products to share from their Super Fit line - basically, a workout in bottle! (haha.... don't think you don't have to exercise at all...)

Skincare Sunday - Getting Summer Ready With Rodial!

Rodial SUPER FIT Tummy Tuck ~ $92.00. A concentrated skin firming formula for the stomach area to help improve skin tone and elasticity. Gemmoslim™ and fast-acting wheat protein help improve elasticity and texture for smoother and tighter looking skin.

This lotion features: 
  • Gemmoslim: Assists the breakdown of body fat and reduces the size of fat storing cells.
  • Tensine Wheat Protein: Smoothes and decreases the appearance of imperfections.
  • Laracare: Improves skin hydration.
I'm a bit of a sceptic when it comes to products like this; I mean can a lotion REALLY help improve how my skin looks?! But at this point in time - 2 months post baby - I will try anything! I had a huge baby belly so the tummy skin takes a while to pull itself back together!

Okay, so this smells really strong - like tingle the eyes while applying it to the stomach strong!!! This is a gel texture formula and goes on smoothly and absorbs well in to the skin i'm not going to lie, I actually thought over the continued use that my stomach skin was starting to look more firm - now, this isn't me dropping 2 dress sizes because of this, but it did start to improve the appearance of my skin! 

Skincare Sunday - Getting Summer Ready With Rodial!

Rodial SUPER FIT Size Zero ~ $78.00. A daily skin firming and toning body moisturiser to help towards a more refined silhouette when used alongside regular exercise. This easily absorbed cream formula deeply moisturises skin with vitamin e and contains powerful pro-svetyl® to help combat appearance of cellulite by reducing the cycle of fat accumulation and water retention. With a delicate rose and citrus scent, skin elasticity is improved and is ideal for use as a daily body moisturiser.

Again, with this product I was quite skeptical on if it would actually show some results; but I willing to try anything - this is suggested to use twice a day on trouble areas such as thighs, stomach and hips. This was a good moisturizer; but, I didn't see results as quickly as with the targeted tummy tuck. I have been mainly targeting my thighs, so I will keep at it, but it takes longer than the other formula.

So, these are meant to be used in combination with a balanced diet and exercise, not as a stand alone fix all. These are quite expensive, so I would suggest testing one targeted cream first and seeing how your body responds to it, if you have that one pesky area that just needs a little help! 

*PR samples provided - all opinions are my own

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