Friday, July 28, 2017

Five on Friday - July 28, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week - I have been enjoying my family vacation all week! 


I love getting little Lush gifts! This gift is Blooming Beauty and it comes with 2 goodies - the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb and the Beautiful Shower Gel! Can't wait to use both of these (this little set was a gift from a friend as a belated baby shower gift!)


I'm enjoying my week visiting family in Penticton, B.C. I grew up here, so I love coming home every year! It's always a nice, relaxing trip - lots of beach, ice cream, wine and family! I actually think I'm going to do a little travel post about my favorite things to do in Pentiction (but travel posts take a long time to write... i'm still working on Hawaii....)


How amazing are these Cat shoes?! I picked up these amazing Bobs Plush Kitty Smarts Slip Ons at Shoe Warehouse and i'm so excited - these are my new go-to shoes! On top of being adorable, they also have memory foam inserts and are so comfortable!  


I love samples and these past couple of weeks I have gotten a few in the mail! I have never tried CeraVe before so I am looking forward to trying these! Vichy always has good products and I haven't tried this line yet. And, this little charcoal soap bar is by Beauty Counter - my friend just started selling these products, so this is new to me!

This past week Elliott turned 3 months old! Holy moly - the time already seems to be flying by!!!! 


  1. When I was in BC this past week I went to their lush and got some bath bombs for the hotel. I got Blackberry,Dragons egg, avobath and also picked up some bubble bars and some stuff I can get past security coming back to Ontario. I also to recived Vichy samples, and I'm still up in a 50/50 battle if I actually like it or not. The serum is good and that is one that I would acutally considering in looking into, the lotion just doesn't do anything to my skin. You cat shoes are lit they are so cute !!!

    Katie |

    1. Thanks - I love those shoes! Hmm... good to know about the Vichy! and I need to try the Blackberry bath bomb from lush!