Friday, July 21, 2017

Five on Friday - July 21, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week - we did! Elliott slept through the night for the first time this week! 10 hours from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am. I was so excited! It's not a regular thing yet, but it was still pretty great. Also, I finished a book this week so I am feeling like a normal person again! 


I have talked about this Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ on the blog - it made my monthly favorites back in July 2016 and it is still a favorite! So I went to buy the 2015 version (because I had read they changed the formula with this year's version and I like the old version). 

So, I bought this on Amazon (for $16.86) and it was advertised as the 2015 version; but I got the 2017 version sent to me. Sounds like real first world problem but I think I should get what was advertised! Anyways, I ended up getting my money refunded. But now that I have this version; hopefully it's good! 


Ahhh... did you guys watch the start of Season 7 of Game of Thrones this past weekend? I thought it was great - touched on every character's stories! I think things will really pick up soon because the season ends on August 27! I love this show! This season is different because I had read all the books before the previous seasons, but now the books aren't written for this season so I really don't know what to expect!


Have you guys used Skip The Dishes before?! I have heard of it but never used it until this past weekend. But seriously, Marble Slab has free delivery over $10 for the month of July so I had ice cream for dinner one night last weekend! And they have a ton of other choices - when we got back from our last trip we had Vietnamese delivered at the same time we got home! 

Anyways it's awesome! If you want $7 off your first order, you can get it right here! I would love if you used my referral link here: (this will get you $7 off!)


Good news - Glossier is now shipping to Canada! This brand was created by a group of beauty editors who focus on a skincare first philosophy. They strive for real life usage, chic packaging and affordability! I think I will place an order soon - any suggestions???


Yay - Harry Potter geeks unite! J.K. Rowling just announced that there is 2 more books coming for the Harry Potter universe in October! They are more history based and really focus on Hogwarts, the classes and fun goodies like that! I love anything to do with the universe and since I can't go to Hogwarts myself, I think learning about the classes will be so fun! 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We are getting packed up this weekend and heading to visit our family in Penticton, B.C. on Monday morning! Wish us luck - this is a long drive to do with a little baby! I'm looking forward to a beach vacation and it is supposed to be crazy hot when we are there! 

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