Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In8Beauty Canadian Mask Subscription Unboxing and Review! (New Free Shipping!)

In8Beauty is a newer sheet mask subscription service started right here in Alberta, Canada! 

The thought behind In8Beauty Mask Subscription is "In8Beauty was created to make foreign beauty products (and especially Korean face mask sheets) affordable and accessible to our friends and neighbors across the country. And with so many face mask sheets to choose from what better way to sample them then through a monthly curated subscription box."

In8Beauty is $18 CAN a month + FREE SHIPPING all over Canada. (This is new for July 2017!) Each month you receive 5 masks delivered at the beginning of the month! (Also, if you are just interested in a one time purchase, not a subscription you can buy 1 month for $20 + shipping)

Full disclosure here - I won a year subscription to In8Beauty back in an Instagram contest so I have received this at no cost. This is not sponsored in any way and I am choosing to share this subscription because I am excited to see a new Canadian subscription like this! 

Here is a look at the July In8Beauty Box:

In8Beauty Canadian Mask Subscription Unboxing and Review! (New Free Shipping!)

In8Beauty ships in a bubble mailer now so I love that they are offering free shipping across Canada now - $18 for 5 masks is very reasonable! I do only wish that there was a little product card included. 

Of the 5 masks, I have tried 1 before and the ones I haven't tried, I am excited to try! Here is a look at the 5 masks included in the July subscription:
In8Beauty Canadian Mask Subscription Unboxing and Review! (New Free Shipping!)

SNP - Animal Dragon Soothing Mask ~ $3.85 CAN (pack of 10 for $38.50). Eye-catching sheet mask comes with a dragon face design for a fresh and mythical twist on your skincare routine. Enriched with coconut water, Japanese knotweed extract and trehalose, the mask soothes irritated skin caused by environmental stressors, acne breakouts or allergies, calming redness, inflammation and hyperpigmentation. Leave on for up to 20 minutes on cleansed face and gently peel off when done. Pat in any remaining essence gently.

I have tried this mask before 2 years ago and I liked it! It looked amazing - most of these look scary, but this really looks like a dragon! I think it was hydrating so I am excited to try it again!

MediHeal- Line Friends I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask ~ $3.25 US. Excellent Whitening Effect. Brightens and whitens dark and dull skin.

Oooh. I have been wanting to try this line of Mediheal masks! Mediheal is one my favorite mask brands and these little characters are so cute! I love brightening masks so this will be good! 

In8Beauty Canadian Mask Subscription Unboxing and Review! (New Free Shipping!)

Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask (Tea Tree) ~ $2.00 US. With its compact woven cells, this sheet masks adheres lightly to skin to effectively deliver active ingredients.

I have tried Missha masks before and they aren't my favorite; but, tea tree is great for clearing skin and I can always use that! 

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask ~ $1.99 US. Klairs rich moist soothing mask is made 100% Pure cotton. It also contains half bottle of Rich Moisturizing Essence. If you use it, it would be like applying half bottle of Rich moisturizing essence on your face. In addition, as you might know, the essence is absorbed better and faster than hands if you use Klairs rich moist soothing mask sheet. 

In summer or hot weather, please put Klairs mask in the fridge for 3~5 mins before you use it. Then it quickly helps your face soothe some troubles such as a sunburn and skin troubles. 

Klairs has been on my to-try list for a while! I am really excited to try this mask - I will be bringing this on my trip next week because it's supposed to be stinkin hot so I will be putting it in the fridge and soothing the skin! 

In8Beauty Canadian Mask Subscription Unboxing and Review! (New Free Shipping!)

Tonymoly Intense Care Snail Hydro-Gel Mask ~ $8.14 CAN. Intensely hydrating sheet mask is steeped in filtered snail mucin that boosts skin vitality and strengthens the moisture barrier for a dramatic improvement in texture and moisture level. Refreshing gel essence rapidly sinks through skin's layers, brightening complexion and strengthening the natural protective barrier with regular use. For a vibrant complexion, apply mask 1-2 times weekly, leaving mask on for 20-30 minutes before removing.

I love snail and hydrogel masks, so this is a double win! I am looking forward to trying this! 

The July In8Beauty mask subscription came with 5 masks with a total value of $19.23. In terms of value, I made sure to find masks based in Canada or the U.S., because the company pays the initial cost of importing to Canada and waiting for the masks to ship - they can likely be found for cheaper if you are willing to wait for them to be shipped overseas.

I never expect a super high value in masks subscriptions, I just expect good curation and new and exciting masks! This month's subscription looks great - I am happy with the brand and type variety that has been included. I'm also really happy they have switched to a more affordable shipping method and passed that savings to free shipping! 

I have been receiving this mask subscription since January - you can see my past reviews here

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