Sunday, November 6, 2016

Skincare Sunday - Acure Organics "The Magical Wonderfluff"

How can you resist a product called THE MAGICAL WONDERFLUFF?! This sounds amazing so this was obviously a must try! It sounds delightful! 

Skincare Sunday - Acure Organics "The Magical Wonderfluff"

Acure Organics The Magical Wonderfluff ~ $19.99. You want some serious winkle fighting, you got it! This amazing mixture will not only increase wonder but also fluff. With targeted argan stem cells, gardenia stem cells, chlorella, and argan oil. This is a game changer, People!

PS: Yes, we said "winkle fighting". Winkle's are the magical elves who sneak in at night and try to steal your pretty.

I love a company that brings a little humour in to it's products! I was very excited to try this! 

Skincare Sunday - Acure Organics "The Magical Wonderfluff"

The directions on this are also hilarious: "Apply a thin layer to face, neck and chest after cleansing and toning. May be used over a night time cream to boost benefits. Or whatever. I don’t want to be bossy."

I have been using this as an overnight mask - I complete my regular skincare routine and then apply this as the last laser to my skin. 

I guess for the texture, I was expecting this to be a little "fluffier" but it is still a nice, soft moisturizer! 

Skincare Sunday - Acure Organics "The Magical Wonderfluff"

This is a great overnight mask formula - it absorbs slowly in to the skin, so it takes a minute  of a light massage to blend in to the skin properly! This smells good and works really well.

I have been using this for a couple of weeks and have been loving what it is doing for my skin! It has made my skin brighter and has improved the elasticity! I have been really liking this! 

*PR samples included - all opinions are my own


  1. Where do you buy it in Canada?

    1. Buy it online - use the link in the posts. I'm not sure if you can find it in stores in Canada

    2. Bah, the website does not deliver to Canada. I found some product of this brand online in Canada but not that Wonderfluff thing. Too bad!

    3. Oh i'm so sorry! Such a bummer! Maybe google it and see if there are any other sites that ship to Canada with it! I wish I had known they didn't ship here!