Sunday, August 28, 2016

Skincare Sunday - The FaceOff Challenge

Happy Skincare Sunday everyone! This week's review is on the "FaceOff" cloth! 
Skincare Sunday - The FaceOff Challenge

The FaceOff Cloth ~ $12.99 CAN. FaceOff is a natural, soft, reusable cleansing cloth that removes all face and eye makeup, even mascara using only warm water.  

This cloth is a natural, reusable cleansing cloth to remove oils, impurities, and makeup - only apply warm water to the cloth and wash! This cloth is 80% polyester and 20% polymide. This secret of the FaceOff cloth is the weave of the ultra thin fibres that gently clean and exfoliate the skin. 

Skincare Sunday - The FaceOff Challenge

The cloth is fairly straightforward to use - wet the cloth with warm water and then gently wipe the cloth over the eyelids and face to clean to the skin.

Here is how the cloth worked for me:
Skincare Sunday - The FaceOff Challenge

This a before (fully made-up face on the left) and after (just after using the cloth!)

So you can see that I do have a little bit of mascara left and I did scrub to get try and get this off. For the most part, this removed the majority of my makeup - all my eyeshadow, eyeliner and face makeup came off which is pretty impressive. I did have to go in really quickly with some Micellar water to get off the last remaining mascara (and I wear 3 coats so if you don't wear that much, it will likely all come off!)

Overall, I thought the product worked really well - especially for just using warm water on this! I'm not sure if personally I would use this cloth every night to remove my makeup - I like my double cleansing routine I have gotten in to. But, what I will do with the cloth is it is going right in to my gym/yoga bag! If I go to yoga, it is usually right after work and I hate dragging around a bunch of products - this is so handy to wash off the day off makeup on the go! 

Also, after each use, you need to wash this cloth with soap and water (I used baby shampoo and it was pretty quick and just needs to be hung up to dry). 

Would you guys us a product like this?

*PR samples - all opinions are my own