Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ColourPop Tie-Dye Eyeshadows and Highlighter!

ColourPop has been releasing so many great products lately - I have actually had to be selective about which awesome releases I get because I can't get them all!

I was pretty excited when I heard that they were released a tie-dye highlighter and soon after re-releasing some limited edition tie-dye eyeshadows! Naturally, I couldn't resist these releases so I scooped them up! 

colourpop churro tie-dye highlighter

The limited edition highlighter is "Churro" - this is a combination of 3 highlighters: Avalon, Wisp, and Stole the Show. 

colourpop churro tie-dye highlighter

Churro Highlighter ~ $8.00. Feel as golden as this sweet treat in this coppery peach with flips of pink and gold shimmer and light dusts of silvery glitter. 

I love the look of this tie-dye highlighter - it is gorgeous! Here is what it looks like on me:
colourpop churro tie-dye highlighter

This is a really beautiful highlight shade - it's actually a little on the darker side of most highlights I am used to. But, I like that it is different and it will be a more subtle highlight when on my cheekbones! 

This does have the signature ColourPop texture - super soft creamy formula! 
Shortly after the release of Churro, ColourPop announced that they were bringing back 4 limited edition tie-dye eyeshadows!

colourpop tie-dye eyeshadows

Pop Rocks, Summer Lovin, Mermaid Kiss, and Meow were all originally released in 2014 I believe in ColourPop's first year of business! 

I was pretty excited when I saw that they were re-releasing these shades - I didn't know ColourPop in 2014 so I did not have a chance to get any of the shadows! And, at $5 a piece, how could I resist?!

colourpop tie-dye eyeshadows pop rocks

Pop Rocks ~ a cool toned cornflower blue with a shi#load of multi-coloured glitter in a metallic finish. This surreal blue with have you saying Absof*ckinglutely! 

This is actually the description from the website - not me! This mixture of colours is absolutely gorgeous! It isn't a every day shade, but I will certainly use it! 

colourpop tie-dye eyeshadows summer lovin

Summer Lovin ~ $5.00. Back by popular demand. A soft metallic beige bronze. 

I will say at first I was not very excited about this shadow - it kind of looked like most neutral shadow shades; but, I take it back. This shadow is stunning! I love it - I will likely wear this all the time! Wait til you see the swatch below! 

colourpop tie-dye eyeshadows mermaid kiss

Mermaid Kiss ~ $5.00. This bright neon yellow green with pearlized finish totally reminds us of that night we were trippin' on the beach making out with mermaids...wait...what?

This is not an eyeshadow shade I would normally pick up at all, but I wanted to get the whole tie-dye set and I couldn't just leave one out! It is a fun colour so I will find a way to use it! 

colourpop tie-dye eyeshadows meow

Meow ~ $5.00. A light gunmetal doused with tons of pink, violet, and silver glitter, leaving a super sparkly metallic finish. We are not joking. Like SUPER FREAKING Sparkly. Got us like "dayyyumm girl".

I think I was expecting this to be more of a pink shade, but it makes sense it is a metal looking shadow! I could hardly bring myself to swatch this beauty - it is so pretty!!! 

Here is a look at the 4 tie-dye shadows swatched on me:
colourpop tie-dye eyeshadows

I am happy with all the shadows swatches! I like that Pop Rocks and Mermaid Kiss are not as neon as they look - they are both wearable shades! Summer Lovin may be the prettiest eyeshadow ever - it is so gorgeous! I need to wear it now! And Meow, really surprised me - it is a very unique shade and I think I will have fun playing with it! 

Did you guys jump on any of the recent ColourPop releases? 


  1. Ooh that summer lovin swatch is pretty!!

  2. I have a friend visiting from the States and we went in on an order together that she is bringing with her. I finally get to try CP! I was really wanting to avoid their shipping costs and possible duties here! These are gorgeous. I would have stayed away from the blue and the green on first glance, but you're right. Totally look wearable! Summer Lovin is gorgeous!!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

    1. Yay! Hope you like what you try! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!