Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wine and Mask Wednesday (Oyster Bay Pinot Grigio and Esfolio Pearl Mask)

My theme for this week's Wine and Mask Wednesday is "oysters and pearls"! 

My Mask of the Week is:

Esfolio Pearl Essence Mask Sheet ~ $2.52 (5 for $12.60). Pearl extract will make your skin glows and keep it moisturized. Vitamins included in quince extract and ingredients included in pearl powder can get your skin clean and clear. 

This packaging is super cute - I received this in a past Mask Genie Mask Pouch. 

This mask is applied like most other sheet masks: wash face, tone skin, apply mask, leave on for 15-20 minutes, remove mask, pat in remaining essence, and complete skincare routine.

Here is a look at the mask:

Ugh, I don't know where to start with this mask. The material was quite thick compared to most masks. It also did not have a lot of essence on the mask. This mask in general fit my face well, but that did not last long. Due to the lack of essence on the mask it quickly did not stick to my face and started to fall off. This maybe lasted 5 minutes on my face all together - not long enough to see any results. I would not purchase this again.

Now to pair with my Pearl Mask, here is my Wine pairing:

Oyster Bay Pinot Grigio ~ $18.49. New Zealand Pinot Grigio is a refreshing wine for your summer menus. Look for apple and plum and citrus hints with good acidity to go with that grilled chicken, shellfish dish or main course salad. 

Oyster Bay wines are made in New Zealand. Here is a closer look:

This wine is pretty good - it's an easy drinking Pinot Grigio. I think in general Pinot Grigios are not my favorite types of wine. This wine is a little on the dry side for my liking; I prefer my wines a little sweeter. For those who like dry whites with a nice hint of fruit, this would be a good wine for you! (Sorry, I forgot to take a close up photo of the wine). 

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