Monday, December 28, 2015

Manicure Monday - Julep Oxgen Nail Treatment

The last few weeks of Nail Art and some serious present unwrapping this week with Christmas, my nails have taken some damage! They are chipping and peeling and it is not pretty at all! 

This week's Manicure Monday will be pretty straight forward - I'm giving my nails a break and using a treatment on them! 

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment ~ $18.00. Don’t be fooled by appearances—this subtle, glossy pink tint is actually a powerful strengthening treatment that lets your nails breathe. Our nutrient-rich formula also includes nail-boosting Hexanal, anti-aging plant cells, and a protective UV filter.

Features & Benefits
• Smoothes and strengthens weak, brittle nails
• Improves oxygen permeability
• Encourages strong, healthy growth with less breakage and splitting

Here is how you use this treatment: Apply in layers on clean nails to achieve desired high gloss and subtle “Nail Makeup.” Use once or twice a week regularly to promote strong, healthy nail growth.

I use this about twice a year, and my nails will thank me at the end of this week!! 

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