Monday, December 28, 2015

K-Beauty Shopping Haul

I am trying to slow down on my shopping but with Black Friday, I purchased a few goodies! I made 2 Tester Korea orders, and Ebay order and I even found a couple great goodies at Winners, here is a look at what I found for myself:

Evercos Herbal Masks - "Licorice" ~ 5 masks for 10,500 Won (approx. $8.99 USD). For keeping your skin bright and moist forever.

I have heard amazing things about these masks and had to try them!! 

Laneige Time Freeze Essence ~ sample size 1,500 Won (approx. $1.28 USD). 

I have really liked Laneige, so I am excited to try this essence! 

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb ~ sample size 4,000 Won (approx. $3.43 USD). This aqua balm with Napiers aqua formula containing Lady's Mantle, often called "a woman's hydrating herb," is an invigorating gel type cream that supplies instant moisture to the skin while forming a protective layer that wraps the skin in comfort.

This product is awesome - it has made my favorite products list before! I am running low and thought I would try another one! 

Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating Essence ~ 10 samples for 2,800 Won (approx. $2.40 USD). 

I have really wanted to try Su:m37 products, and this was a great way to try them for a very reasonable price! 

Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask ~ pack of 10 for $19.99. A moisture- boosting ampoule mask for dry skin Features a silky Cellulose sheet made of 100% pure cotton Developed with Natural Moisturizing Factor (N.M.F) system to provide intense hydration Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Ceramide to seal in moisture Loaded with Witch Hazel to shrink pores & control sebum Fills in fine lines while boosting skin vitality Skin appears softer smoother plumper brighter & soothed.

I was so excited to see Korean masks at Winners!! And Mediheal of all brands - these masks are really good! 

Mediheal Dress Code "Blue" ~ 10 masks for $19.99. As it contains hyaluronic acid, Hydrolysed Collagen and panthenol, It is allowed to maintain the oil moisture balance of the skin to increase the elasticity of the skin, makes it moist and management.

These masks are highly reviewed and I was very excited to come across them!! I will be using these right away! 

IOPE Essential Facial ~ $15.99 USD. Instantly forms a thin and light membrane on the skin surface for smooth and well-hydrated skin. The organic argan oil nourishes the skin, while the highly skin-friendly macadamia nut oil is quickly absorbed and protects skin.

I am really excited to have this product again - it is one of the first essences I have ever tried and I remember it being amazing for my skin! I am excited to use this again! 

LJH Tea Tree Essence ~ 32,000 Won (approx. $27.41 USD). Contains pure 90%of tea tree extract. Contains trehalose to prevent skin dryness and dehydration. Soft touch with out stickiness. Makes dull skin to be clear and confident.

Again, this is a product I have constantly read rave reviews about! It was on sale for 50% for Black Friday so I jumped on it! 

Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask ~ 10 samples for 7,000 Won (approx. $6.00 USD). 

I have heard amazing things about Sulwhasoo in general and again thought this would be an inexpensive way to try out a product! 

Ohui Hydra Formula Treatment Ampoule 777 ~ sample size 7ml for 9,900 Won (approx. $8.48 USD). 

This ampoule was also on sale for Black Friday, so while I haven't heard anything about it before I thought I would give it a try! 

Banila Co. Lace Hydrogel Eye Patch ~ 3,000 Won (approx. $2.57 USD). Illuminating & lifting. Ceramide & Rose with white flower complex.

This was also on sale for Black Friday and I thought it looked fun to try!! 

Well, I am going to try to cut down on my shopping soon - this order doesn't really show that but this should last for quite a while! 

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