Sunday, June 21, 2015

Skincare Sunday - Vichy ProEVEN Product Reviews - My "Vichy Works For Me" Experience

I have to say, I was very excited upon receiving my Topbox this month to I find out I was selected by Topbox and Vichy to receive their "Vichy Works For Me" experience. (I didn't get an email in advance as some people did, so it came as a pleasant surprise). This involves sampling 3 different products based on what you have identified as a skincare need - I identified dark spots and an uneven skin tone as one of my specific needs. (I don't have a ton of this, but I certainly have an uneven skin tone and a few age/sun spots. 

Here is a look at what I received:

I am surprised that everything is full size - this is great! All the products I was sent are from the ProEVEN line - to focus on skin correction. The ProEVEN line is described as: 

Finally, gentle resurfacing treatments that help fight dark spots even before they appear. Daily use results in skin that looks smoother, brighter and more even."

Here is a closer look at the products:

Vichy ProEVEN Brightening Cleansing Foam ~ $19.95. A gentle yet effective triple-action foaming cleanser. It gently exfoliates, purifies and brightens the skin tone. A perfect way to start a ProEVEN routine.

This cleanser has a great texture, comes out of the tube soft and creamy and lathers up nicely to a gentle foam. It almost has a pearl-like look to it. I am a big fan! I have been using this for a few days now and my skin looks brighter! This is so awesome to use in my morning skincare routine! I am very happy with this product! 

Vichy ProEVEN Advanced Daily Dark Spot Corrector ~ $45. Global dark spot treatment to visibly correct the look of dark spots and discoloration. Instantly brightens skin for more even, radiant complexion.

Here is a look at the texture of this product:

It's a thicker, light colored cream. This is the only product of the 3 that I have not been using regularly since receiving. I do like the feel, but I have not used it enough to say that it visibly reduces dark spots! While with the cleanser you can see the results right away, I think with the spot treatment, results will come over a couple week period. 

Vichy ProEVEN Night - Overnight Concentrate Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone ~ $48. Vichy’s first concentrate to fights dark spots & uneven skin tone while you sleep. See more even, radiant skin.

I love nighttime skin concentrates! I find most of them work so well - the skins works so hard overnight to replenish and repair that adding targeting goodies like this is so good for it! I like the texture of this cream - it's a nice serum texture and actually smells good too! I have been using this since I received it (a few days), and combined with the cleanser every morning, the evenness of my skin has certainly been improved! 

I would recommend the cleanser and nighttime concentrate if you have a few dark spots and your main focus is evening out your skin tone - both have been working great for me, and I am happy to see how quickly they worked! I will keep using the spot treatment as well, but again I don't think I will see drastic results immediately with this product! 

Overall, I am really impressed with these products, and they will be added to my skincare routine! 

Have you tried any ProEVEN products before? What did you think?


  1. Although, I wasn't impressed with my Topbox regular box - it didn't really matter because I was BEYOND excited that I also got selected to receive a Vichy box. I didn't realize they were sending out different boxes based on skin type so that is neat. I have have down that I have dry skin and I ended up getting a totally different box. I got the Vichy Idealia products. I also got three full size products, it was nice to get such expensive high end products and have no idea they were coming. Big treat. I have tried the night cream so far and it was really nice.

    This is my first time trying Vichy period.

    1. Oooh awesome - congrats!!! The Idealia products look great :) yes it was such a nice surprise - it is my first time trying Vichy too and I am impressed!