Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday - June 19, 2015

Finally, it is Friday!!! This has been a super busy week, and I have had no work partner for the whole week too which has made it much busier for me - I am looking forward to the weekend! 

So, last Saturday my car decided that she was dead and did not want to work for me! Ugh, it was such a busy day and I had so much running around to do! Thinking about buying a car right before your wedding/honeymoon is not a pleasant feeling! But, we crunched our numbers and got a good deal on a pretty new car - a 2015 Elantra! I have never been able to buy a new car and I am so excited! 


On that note though, this pretty new car made me do a little re-thinking of my finances! I won't be able to buy nearly as many boxes as I normally have, but I will certainly keep the ones I love and help promote the companies I really enjoy! I also think that this will give me more time to focus on skincare and make-up and start some new post ideas - hopefully you guys like where this is headed! 

Last night we went out for my father in-law's birthday dinner, and I was so excited when I found out we were eating at a restaurant that was featured on "You Gotta Eat Here!" - Big T's BBQ and Smokehouse! (I have only been to one other t.v. restaurant) So I definitely tried what was featured on the show and it did not disappoint

I'm so excited for this weekend - it is my Bridal Shower! I'm not really sure what all the fuss is about to have so many things going on before a wedding; but, my family has been working hard to have an awesome day! I think it is just weird for me to have all the focus on me, but I just plan to relax and enjoy the day with family and friends! (and, hopefully the weather is nice because I bought a cute new dress for the day!)


We are going to see Jurassic World this weekend! I love the Jurassic Park movies and my son has been watching them like crazy lately, so we are all excited to see how this one is! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. Glad you guys were able to work out the new car situation quickly and easily! We contemplated getting a new car for months, until one day our old car straight up died and we had no choice but to go for it! Great choice in the end, but a stressful experience.

    Happy Monday! The Southerndoe

    1. haha - yes it is a good choice in the end!!! (worth the stress I guess!)

  2. Congrats on the new car! I hope you liked Jurassic World. I haven't seen it yet...but hopefully this weekend!

    1. thanks! And hopefully you get to see the movie - it's a little far-fetched (as are any dinosaur movies - which makes it good) but me and the boys really liked it!!!