Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Sleeping Giant Apple Pie Dessert Wine + The Face Shop Sparkling Apple Mask)

Ugh... you know you had a bit of a crazy Bachelorette weekend when Wednesday comes along and you don't even feel like your usual glass of wine!!! So, just a small one tonight! 

My theme for this week's Wine + Mask Wednesday is "apples" - yum! 

Here is my Wine of the Week:

Sleeping Giant Apple Pie Dessert Wine ~ $15 - $20. I know I have featured this winery before, but I will say it again - I looooove fruit wines! This wine is a little different because it is a dessert wine - it is usually much sweeter and comes in a smaller bottle. This wine is fortified so it is 17%. 
Here is how the wine is described:
"The aroma of homemade apple pie is captured in this unique wine. A long cinnamon finish with subtle apple undertones."

This wine is a "5" on the sweetness scale which is: "Sweet wines sport the numbers (5) and (6) with 45-65 g/L. This is where we’ll typically find some Late Harvest wines (grapes are left to hang longer for late harvest wines, but not left to freeze like Icewine)." (source)

This wine smells very good - very apple-y! This wine tastes identical to spiced apples baked inside of apple pie and the note of cinnamon is strong, but not too overwhelming. While I like the taste, generally a 17% wine is a bit too strong for my liking! I would recommend this wine to be enjoyed with a bowl of ice-cream! 

Now to pair with my apple wine, here is my apple mask:

The Face Shop Sparkling Apple Mask ~ $3. The Face Shop has 2 types of sparkling sheet masks (I have reviewed the other type here). This mask is for hydration and is described as:
"Brightening and Lifting effect. Offers deep hydration and nutrients to your skin."

This mask is fairly straight forward to use:
1. Wash and tone face
2. Remove mask from package
3. Place on face and fit to face using side tabs

4. Leave on for 15-20 minutes
5. Remove and tap in extra essence
6. Complete skincare routine

This mask had no extra essence, but the mask was very saturated! One of my only complaints is the the package had to be opened with scissors, there was no pull tab. I thought the fit was okay, even with the tabs it didn't tighten to my face as much as I like. The "sparkling" left a tiny touch of tingling on the face (nothing that was too much to handle). My skin did feel very hydrated when I was done! 

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