Saturday, March 24, 2018

Five on Saturday - March 24, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - mine has been pretty good; but, I am starting my count down for back to work! Four and a half more weeks to go - yuck! Also, Spring started this week and I'm hoping for nicer weather. We have had a brutal Winter here in Calgary - just so cold and snowy, I can't wait to get out more for my last few weeks before work! 


So, sometimes I see a product that I want and I just add it to my eventually to buy list, and then there is other times I see products and I immediately find a way to try that product out now! That's how I felt when I read Jayne from Cosmetic Proof's post on the May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm - I neeeeeded to have it! 

Now, you might be wondering why I just have samples here; but, I bought samples from a website called Clementine Fields because this Beauty Balm is $240 full size! So, I bought samples because I needed to try it out - this sample was $10.00! Now, you only need half of a pea size amount and this is a really generous sample so I have no doubts it will last me quite a while! Then, I also picked up a $5.00 sample of The Problem Solver mask and was sent along the sample of the Pendulum Potion! I'm so excited to try this brand! 


Little Elliott turned 11 months old yesterday!!! I can't believe this little monkey is a year old in 1 month! It's so cliche; but, this time has actually flown by - I can't believe it! 


You know I love my freebies around here! I got the free box of tampons from Samantha Jane's video - you can check it out here if you want your own box too! (And why not?! Tampon's aren't glamorous; but, we all need them!) Also, I was just sent this little sample from Rodan + Fields - I have heard quite mixed reviews on these products, so I will see how it works for me. 


I love finding good baby deals! How adorable is this Check Meow't shirt?! This is from Silas + Sloth and she makes the cutest and cheekiest kids clothes! I got this one in an auction for $8 because I think it might be a different design or slight printing miss but it looks good to me! Also, Elliott's Grandma got him a cute little baby Burberry shirt at a thrift store this week - so fancy! And, these 2 toys I picked up for $5 for both on Facebook auctions! I think we got some good scores this week! 


Last weekend was St. Paddy's day! What did you guys get up to? Ahhh... no green beer for me this year - this year was a lot different from years in the past; but, I love Saturday nights at home snuggling on the couch with these 2 adorable little boys! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! My husband and I are actually getting out of the house this evening and going to drink wine at Grape Escape!

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