Friday, March 9, 2018

Five on Friday - March 9, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - ours was pretty normal and quiet around here! It's been a little tiring though, Elliott has decided he wants to be up between 5 and 6 am every morning; but, really trying to sleep through the night so hopefully he sleeps in just a touch longer soon! 


It has been a hot minute since I have been picked for a BzzAgent campaign - I just received this Venus Platinum razor - I guess we will see if this metal handle makes a big difference?! Anyways, I always like receiving BzzAgent kits so I will give it a try! 


This week, both of my cats Max and Mephisto turned 5 years old! We adopted them at about 4 months apart; but, it turns out they were only born a couple of days apart from each other! They are hard to capture together as they both have their separate spots in the house where they hang out! They look so cute (really, Max is pushing Mephisto out of her spot, but they look like they are getting along!)


I love getting a cute little thoughtful gift from a friend! I went for lunch this week with a friend and she gifted me this amazing smelling Lush bath bomb! This is the Over and Over bath bomb and is described as a lemony cocoa butter bath bomb! I haven't tried this one yet so I'm looking forward to this! 


Okay, did you guys watch the finale of The Bachelor this week?! First, I thought Arie was going to pick Lauren the whole time so I was surprised when he picked Becca; but, I thought everything else was so poorly handled. Why did he get the break up recorded?! And then, how many times during that break up did he say he was breaking up with her for Lauren?! Ugh, I just did not enjoy the break up filming.

(Also, anyone else think that Bekah was hilarious during the episodes - her instagram and twitter were pretty golden!)


O.M.G. - you guys! I went Winners shopping this week and I found this Coconut Cashew Butter and it is soooo delicious! Like, so delicious! I could honestly eat this whole jar of this - I hope when I go back again and can get more! So yummy! 


  1. You just reminded me to check my BzzzAgent account because I haven't checked in for years at this point!

    Your cats look like my boys! Mine are turning 4 and were adopted together, but their birthdays are 1 week apart. Your furbabies are adorable!

    1. This will probably be my last BzzAgent - they want me to post this razor 3 times just on Instagram and i'm not going to! Whoops!
      Awww - thanks, your furrbabies are adorable too - I love when they pop up in my feed!