Monday, August 1, 2016

Manicure Monday (Harry Potter Deathly Hallows nail art) and Monthly Pedicure (Starfish nail art)

Happy Monday! Yesterday was the release of the new Harry Potter book, so I had to celebrate by doing some Harry Potter themed nail art! 
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows nail art

Deathly Hallows! 

The products I used for this Manicure are:
-Ceramic Glaze in "Urbane"
-Wet 'n Wild black nail polish
-nail art blush
-formula x nail cleanser, base coat and top coat

To do this Manicure, start with nail cleanser, base coat and 2 coats of nail polish. Then using a black polish and nail art brush, here is how I did the Deathly Hallows nail art:
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows nail art

Start by making a triangle (for the cloak of invisibility), then create a line straight down the centre (for the elder wand), and then create a little circle inside (for the resurrection stone)! 

The circle was not the easiest to do, but they turned out pretty good. I repeated this on all my nails! 

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows nail art

I LOVE these! 

And, my for my Monthly Pedicure I really wanted to keep it fun and summery - I thought of Starfish! 

Starfish nail art

Okay, it might have looked better in my mind, this is not my greatest nail art! 

The products I used are:
-Ceramic Glaze in Seize The Day
-Green nail art polish
-Ceramic Glaze in Urbane (just for light polka dots)
-formula x nail cleanser, base coat, and top coat

I painted the dark pink polish on the base. And, using the green nail art polish created a loose star shape. Then I used the light polish for polka dots and put both colours on my little toes. Anyways, maybe it's the green or something but I could have done better! 

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