Friday, August 12, 2016

Five on Friday - August 12, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone had a great week - I had a short work week and am enjoying some family time this weekend! 

I will be a little M.I.A. this weekend - my husband's family does a family reunion every Summer, so we are enjoying a long weekend away! We are heading to Pigeon Lake for a few nights so I will probably not be posting this weekend (sorry, no Skincare Sunday!) 

The reunion is really fun this year and lots of family has new babies! They also have a big bocce tournament every year so wish me luck! See you guys next week!


I got new business cards! I'm so excited with how they turned out - if you are interested, I ordered them from VistaPrint. Make sure you look for coupon codes as they always have great deals! 

I figured since I updated the blog look and bought myself a domain, this was the next step! 


I love when my orders come from Bath Time Store - this is the store where you buy all the goodies from Bath Time Box! 

I had to stock up on the Silky Soft Skin Cream; it is seriously a holy grail moisturizer for me! I love it! Also, I got this huge 15 Minute Bath Bomb - it smells amazing!!! I can't wait to use it! And, the mask is to replace the mask sent in my July box as it was intended for someone with allergies - I am so excited to try this mask out! 


Most women don't talk a ton about feminine hygiene - it is a topic that somewhat makes people squeamish. I was contacted by Veeda and sent these samples. Veeda is an all natural company that focuses on being 100% natural and toxic free. They believe all women should be informed of and have access to safe feminine hygiene products. I love the companies focus and thought they were products worth trying! 


Here is a look at my last ever Beauteque BB Bag. This is the July box - this month's box did not come with a bag (like it normally does) or with a product card. This box took forever to ship despite Beauteque sent out an email advising that they are improving their shipping. 

Also, I'm not posting a full review because I'm not pleased with the company over last month's box and the fact that their customer service department has continued to ignore me for over a month about a product issue and their advertising. Ugh, they have now changed to pretty much a mask only website and you can tell - the products in this bag and pretty blah. A cheap sleep mask, an armpit essence - not things i'm looking for at all. This company will not get my money again  ever. Not impressed with this bag and their lack of ever returning my emails.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

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