Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mask Wednesday - Bath Time Store "Exfoliating Clay Mask"

Happy Mask Wednesday! This week I'm reviewing the new mask that came in the July Bath Time Box

Bath Time Store "Exfoliating Clay Mask"

Exfoliating Clay Mask ~ 2.5 oz. for $9.50. This mask featured Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, combined with Kaolin Clay, cucumber and papaya extracts and vegetable glycerin for a gentle exfoliation. Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way. 

I have really loved the skincare products that have come in Bath Time Box (also found at when there is stock of products). Everything is hand made in small batches and most of the products (rose toner and rose lotion) have become my holy grail! 

Bath Time Store "Exfoliating Clay Mask"

This is a nice, thick textured mask - but is still really smooth! It also smells amazing - one of the ingredients is lavender essential oils and it gives the slightest hint of lavender which masks it feel soothing and extra relaxing on the face! 

Bath Time Store "Exfoliating Clay Mask"

The mask goes on nicely - I used a spatula which made it easier! I wore the mask for 10 minutes before rinsing off. It does start to harden on the skin and can feel tight. What I liked about this particular clay mask was that while it tightened on my skin, it did not feel itchy or uncomfortable at all! Clay masks can be difficult to rinse off; just make sure to use a cloth with it! 

I really liked this mask - clay masks are deep cleansing and with the cucumber and papaya extracts in this mask, it was also soothing! My skin felt really smooth and clean after using! Another skincare product I really enjoy from Bath Time Box! 

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