Monday, June 9, 2014

Manicure Monday - Pink Chevron Nails!

I'm excited to try out 2 new things this Manicure Monday - new nail stickers and Julep products for my first time!!! 

My inspiration this week is: pink chevron!!! 

Who doesn't love a good chevron nail?! 

These are the products I used this week:
  • Formula X nail cleanser, base coat and top coat
  • Sally Hansen basic nude
  • Julep polish in Evie
  • Ciate polish in ladylike luxe
  • Chevron nail stickers (i purchased mine from Nail Vinyls - really good shipping prices on this site and lots of sticker selections) I used the regular size - there is 3 sizes to choose from. 
Here are the steps I used for this week's mani:
1. Nail cleanser & base coat
2. Paint nude on the thumb and ring finger (or any color you want under your chevron - this was my first time using these stickers so i wasn't sure if they would lift the polish and thought nude would be the easiest fix in case!) & let these dry VERY well!
3. Paint the pointer finger and pinkie with the pink (this Julep color is awesome - honest didn't need 2 coats for full coverage - that almost never happens!)
4. For another accent finger paint the middle finger shimmery or glittery - i used gold this week as I knew my pink had hints of gold in it.
5. Once all those nails are dry, place on the chevron stickers - be sure to line them up nicely on your thumb and ring finger and tuck them in on the sides of your nail so no polish gets through - it may be easier to do one at a time. 
6. Paint a quick coat over top of the stickers - be sure it covers all as you will not do two
7. Be gentle and remove the stickers - do not let the paint dry as it will lift the polish if this happens.

8. Repeat on all your accent nails! 

I love using nail stickers - they are really simple to use and instantly add a little wow factor to your nails! Next time i will put color under my chevrons, I just wanted to make sure they worked well!

I have to say I loved both of the new products I tried today!! Nail Envy's chevron stickers work awesome, were easy to use, and look great!! I recommend them!

Julep's polish was great for my first time - one coat was enough to cover my nails and that doesn't happen often - plus that pink is fab!! 

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