Monday, June 9, 2014

Manicure Monday - Pink Chevron Nails!

I'm excited to try out 2 new things this Manicure Monday - new nail stickers and Julep products for my first time!!! 

My inspiration this week is: pink chevron!!! 

These are the products I used this week:
My Manicure Monday Products
  • Formula X nail cleanser, base coat and top coat
  • Sally Hansen basic nude
  • Julep polish in Evie
  • Ciate polish in ladylike luxe
  • Chevron nail stickers (i purchased mine from Nail Vinyls - really good shipping prices on this site and lots of sticker selections) I used the regular size - there is 3 sizes to choose from. 

1. Nail cleanser & base coat
2. Paint nude on the thumb and ring finger (or any color you want under your chevron - this was my first time using these stickers so i wasn't sure if they would lift the polish and thought nude would be the easiest fix in case!) & let these dry VERY well!
3. Paint the pointer finger and pinkie with the pink (this Julep color is awesome - honest didn't need 2 coats for full coverage - that almost never happens!)
4. For another accent finger paint the middle finger shimmery or glittery - i used gold this week as I knew my pink had hints of gold in it.
5. Once all those nails are dry, place on the chevron stickers - be sure to line them up nicely on your thumb and ring finger and tuck them in on the sides of your nail so no polish gets through - it may be easier to do one at a time. 
Step 5
6. Paint a quick coat over top of the stickers - be sure it covers all as you will not do two
step 6
7. Be gentle and remove the stickers - do not let the paint dry as it will lift the polish if this happens.
your nail should look like this!
8. Repeat on all your accent nails! 

Here is my finished product:
my manicure monday
I love using nail stickers - they are really simple to use and instantly add a little wow factor to your nails! Next time i will put color under my chevrons, I just wanted to make sure they worked well!

I have to say I loved both of the new products I tried today!!
Nail Envy's chevron stickers work awesome, were easy to use, and look great!! I recommend them!
Julep's polish was great for my first time - one coat was enough to cover my nails and that doesn't happen often - plus that pink is fab!! 

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