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May 2014 Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Box Subscription - Review and Unboxing!

Petit Vour is a vegan & cruelty monthly subscription box! They give you deluxe sample and some full size products - if you like what you try, you can buy it in their shop and earn points towards future purchases.

I really love the idea of makeup/beauty/skin care products that are made without harming any animals - so this is a great way to discover some new brands that are cruelty free! For Canadians the subscription boxes are $23 monthly ($25.66 with the exchange rate) - and Americans pay $15.

So I had not heard of Petit Vour until I was doing my research about all of the beauty boxes that ship to Canada & I signed up on May 18 thinking I would have to wait until June to receive my first box and lucky for me they shipped one out on the 20th so I could still get the May box!

So cute - they send it out in a little pink box and nicely packaged; here is what I got:
My May 2014 Petit Vour Box
Here is a closer look at the products:

My first 2 products
Deep Steep Hand Cream in Brown Sugar Vanilla - $9.95 US for 2 oz full size
This company is free of chemicals & preservatives and this hand cream is said to be the perfect elixir for dry skin! I tried it out and agree it is very nice - absorbs quickly and makes skin feel nice and soft! I think i am going to like this company - looking around there website the prices seemed very reasonable for the products and i like that they are all natural!

Hello Fragrance by Harvey Prince - $55 US for full size 1.7 oz - sample size $1 for 1ml
This scent is inspired by sunshine and gardens of blooming flowers - the main scents are meyer lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, forsythia & plumeria. I'm not a huge fan of over flowery scents but this one is quite nice with stronger hints of citrus, i like it - and again this company is all natural.

Next 2 products
Paula's Choice Resist C15 Super Booster - $45 for full size o.67 oz - sample size $8 for 0.12 oz
The super booster is said to repair visible signs of aging, brighten skin, reduce the appearance of brown spots and promote firmer looking skin. You can apply directly to skin before moisturizer or add to a serum you apply - you can use it day and night but if used during the day it is recommended to follow up with a good sunscreen. I have used it the last 2 nights before bed and just added two drops to my moisturizer and applied. I was to nervous to put directly on the couple of small spots i have on my face - i read the reviews and some people with really sensitive skin said it irritated their skin. So using a touch i can't say in the last 2 days I have noticed a big difference and since wrinkles and age spots aren't a big concern for my skin, I can't picture myself buying this product full size - but i will happily use up my sample!

Aromi Lipgloss in Snob - $15 US for full size 0.14 oz
The company hand makes their lip products in small batches using only raw ingredients. The product is said to never be sticky. "Snob" is described as a light pink color packed full of shimmer - so I'm not usually a fan of shimmery lip stuff - but i actually really enjoy this lip gloss and to test out the never sticky claim i wore this around the house while doing my cleaning and i can attest to it never feeling sticky or gross - really nice quality lip gloss. Here is what is looks like on:
Aromi lipgloss in Snob

So, for $25.66 i got $33.95 worth of products - not this biggest value for what I paid; however, I really loved that 2 of the products are full sized and I loved them and I enjoyed the fragrance sample! All in all, I was happy with this box and will use everything in it!

What did you think of my May Petit Vour Box? Do you receive this box as well and what did you think of the products? If you want to sign up for it - head on over to their website!!

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