Monday, June 30, 2014

Manicure Monday (Black Cat Nails) and Monthly Pedicure (Glitter Half Moon Toes)!

Time for another Manicure Monday (and my Monthly Pedicure - I need beachy toes for my vacation next week!).

Who can resist some black cat nail art?! I'm so happy with how these turned out! 

Here is a look at the products I used for this week's nail art:

-Formula X nail cleanser, base coat and top coat
-Teeez - pretty in pyrite 
-OPI in Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees
-Kiss nail art in black and white

And, here are the steps I followed to do this nail art:
1. Nail cleanse & base coat
2. Use french manicure stickers to create the shape you want on your nails like so:
3. Paint two quick coats of black/dark grey and remove nail sticker (Be sure not to let the polish dry as it will lift when you take the sticker off!). I got these stickers from Nail Vinyls but they are easy to find at any retailer with a nail section.
4. Now time for some free hand nail art - add little ears to the top of your cat head with the black nail art brush. I used the white for the base of the eyes (just make a small oval shape) and i used a skinny nail art brush in the gold to add pupils, nose, and whiskers! The free handing can take some practice - but it doesn't need to be perfect!

I think Mephisto likes them! 

Now, on to my Beachy toes! 

These are nice and bright, with a quick half moon glitter accent! 

The products I used are:
-Formula X nail cleanser, base coat top coat
-nail art skinny brush in silver glitter
-Essie in hors d'oeuvres
-Color club in Hot Pink

And, here are the steps I followed for this mani:
1. nail cleanser & base coat
2. two coats of base polish (use as many or as few as you like) and let it dry well
3. paint the glitter in half moons or just on the bottom bit of the nail - I used the thin nail art brush to set a line for the glitter and i painted a few coats until it covered enough for me!
4. top coat

These are great for all next week when I am on the beach and in flip flops all week!!! 

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