Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 2014 TopBox - Review, Unboxing and Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Mascara Review!

TopBox is a Canadian Monthy Beauty Box Subscription list. For $12 Canadian a month & free shipping they send you 4-5 sample & full size products. I love that this company is Canadian and has free shipping - the only downside is about a 1 mnoth waitlist to get signed up!

Here is a look at my June 2014 Topbox:
June 2014 Topbox
So, instead of the regular monthly Topbox I received the Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Privé box. Each month Topbox sends out an email and members can "wish" for a couple Privé boxes instead of the regular monthly box. A Privé box is one designed by the same company.

Here is a closer look at my product:
Teeez Desert Metals Mascara
Teeez Trendy Cosmetics in Midnight Sky ~ $30 (16 pounds). Midnight Sky is an intense black - no animal derivatives, long lasting and smudgeproof. I can say I wore it all day and loved it. I can be picky about my mascara and I really liked this brush! Here is a look at what it looked like on me:
Teeez Desert Metals Mascara
My eyelashes always need to be separated a little after applying mascara - this is 3 coats. I loved it made them look nice, dark and long! Perfect!

So for $12 a month I recieved $30 worth of product. I'm not sure if I will always wish for a Privé as it is a little more fun to get a few more products, but I am happy with my first month!

Do you get Topbox? What did you get in your June 2014 box?


  1. Is this mascara waterproof? I just got the regular Topbox, but I'm okay with that haha

  2. Hi there - no this mascara isn't waterproof, just smudgeproof! it is waterbased actually so may come off quite easy in water! you would think with summer around the corner one of these boxes would send out a good waterproof mascara!
    This was first topbox so when i got the email to pick the prive boxes I wasn't sure what to do - i will probably opt for a regular one next month, a full size is great but it's fun to get more than 1 product!!
    Thanks for sharing your blog too, i will check it out!

  3. It's definitely not good when your lashes look better BEFORE mascara than after!

    1. Ooopsie, meant to post that on your other mascara pic! This one is lovely!