Monday, June 2, 2014

Manicure Monday - Essie and Minx Nail Stickers!

My nails got pushed back a day since I was hosting a girl's night dinner last night - so no Game of Thrones watching yet; I had to do my nails on Monday night to The Bachelorette instead.

I chose to do a fun look with a couple of different nail stickers! 

Here is what i used for this week's nails:

So late last week i snapped off a big chunk of my nail while grocery shopping - so they are all short again & I like the look of nail stickers on short nails.

I used: Minx Nail stickers pink with silver hearts (you can find Minx on Ebay - you are technically only supposed to be Minx certified to use them but that's silly...). I also used Essie nail stickers in "sneek-e". I rarely have all 5 nails look the same - i usually need at least one accent nail.  

The only other thing I recommend having when doing nail stickers is a good nail file to use to take the ends off once they are on your nail! 

If you haven't used them before - nail stickers are super easy to use! 
1. Find one that fits your nail and place it on:
2. Really smooth it over top of your nail - ensure the edges are smoothed down and tucked in if they cover your whole nail bed.
3. Once it is nice and smooth pull the edge over top of your nail:
4. File right on the edge of the nail and repeat on all your nails
5. Don't be afraid to use more than one kind or paint an accent nail to match!

Hope you enjoyed this Manicure Monday! 


  1. You make it look so easy!

    1. It is that easy - 15 minutes start to finish and at some points I had to pause to watch the Bachelorette!!! L don't often do nails that are hard to do!