Saturday, August 20, 2022

Five on Saturday - August 20, 2022 ~ Bones Coffee Nightmare Before Christmas, Calaway Park Day, Amazon, Thrifted and Auction Finds!

Happy Saturday everyone - hope you all had a great week!


I purchased everything in this post

Okay, I know it's only August, but when my favourite coffee company announces a Fall coffee collection, I knew I needed all of them! I'm actually on my last bag of Bones coffee (Smores) and it was time for a restock! When I first spotted these, most were sold out, so as soon as the did a restock I picked up one of each flavor (plus a few more for gifts) and I'm so excited! 

The flavours are Ruff Weather - Oatmeal Cream Pie, Mudslide Boogie - Chocolate with coffee liqueur, vodka and Irish cream, Frog's Breath - Chocolate Mole, The Pumpkin King - Pumpkin Pecan Praline, and Santa Jack - Cranberry Creme Brulee. Yum, can't wait to try them all! 


I took a day off earlier this week and a friend and I took our little ones to Calaway Park! We were there for a long time and had a good day - got in all the rides, the kids had fun, and it was a blast! 


I don't shop from Amazon a ton, but did pick up a few things - a microplaner (been long overdue for one), a gnocchi board (I'm making my own pasta soon), and a set of acrylic paint markers (good for nail apparently!)


I had the past weekend to myself, so I did a little bit of thrifting and found a couple of good games - I have been wanting a battleship and one with all the pieces for $5 was there, and this cute Lost Kitties Game looked fun too (also only $5). What do you hunt for at Thrift stores?! Always looking at toys and books, but I need to dig for clothes more I think! 


And, in the same vein, 90's book lovers rejoice - I found someone selling all their Jolly Postman books on an auction for $10! I looooved these as a kid. I actually bought the original one to read with Elliott but have been looking for a Christmas one for this year's Christmas! So cute - I love these!

I hope you all have a good weekend - I'm off to Edmonton on Sunday for the week! 

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