Monday, May 10, 2021

Manicure Monday - Sunflower Nails

Happy Manicure Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend - it was rainy and snowy here all weekend, but at least that means everything will be green and we can start to have some flowers soon! 

Manicure Monday - Sunflower Nails
The OPI polish was received as a PR sample

But until we have real flowers, chocolate flowers will do just fine, right?! I Purdy's chocolates had the cutest chocolate lollipops for Mother's Day, so naturally I hinted very strongly that the boys should pick some up and they got a delicious sunflower for me!

I was also very inspired, since all month the CBBxManiMonday group is sticking to the May flowers theme! I have been wanting to do sunflowers for a while, and honestly, they didn't turn out as good as I wanted, but oh well - I get one chance to do my nails all weekend and you can just look at the chocolate instead! 

Manicure Monday - Sunflower Nails

The products that I used for this week's mani are:
I also used a little nail dotting tool, but you could use anything small like a toothpick for the seeds! 

Manicure Monday - Sunflower Nails

For this manicure, I started with a base coat and then two coats of orange polish as the base. Then, with the yellow, I freehanded the shape of a sunflower, and added a lighter yellow to the centre (the white polish was to lighten it up). Then with the brown polish I attempted to dot on seeds and veins and then it basically all went to shit from there. Then I added a stem to attempt some normalcy with them, but my dotting tool was not small enough for seeds. So, I finished with a nail art top coat, and voila, sort of wonky sunflowers, but then I demolished that chocolate and felt much better about the situation. 

As always, make sure to check out Cosmetic Proof and Prairie Beauty Love to see their floral nails too! 


  1. I think your sunflowers still turned out well! I think what makes them hard to do and why I got scared about doing them was getting the texture of the flower centers right. Flowers can be tough! I'm still glad we are sticking with flowers though because it's actually been kind of fun to try so many different flower designs.

    1. I'm glad we are sticking to it too - florals are my favourite and they are fun to try new ones even if they don't always turn out perfect (darn dotter!)