Friday, May 7, 2021

Five on Friday - May 7, 2021 ~ XO Treatment Room Super Mom Box, Dynamite Clothing Haul, Giveaways I Won, Bones Coffee, and April Declutter

Happy May everyone - can you believe we are in the month of May already?! Aaaannnddd, Alberta just announced tougher lock downs because we are having crazy covid cases and the rates compared to the rest of the country is crazy! So, just trying to stick it out a little longer and stay positive! I hope everyone is doing well. 


I purchased everything in this post, except the things I won that I'm sharing

I was really hoping to go for a facial this Mother's Day for a relaxing day, but, of course with new restrictions, that is not going to happen at all! So, I planned ahead in case and ordered this lovely Super Mom Box by XO Treatment Room! Everything is made by the owner Annie, and she has fabulous formulas! This comes with everything you need for a relaxing spa night it: cleanser, microfibre cloth, super mask and brush applicator, nighttime facial oil, bath soak (or scrub), a candle and a do not disturb sign. So many goodies, all for $200! 


I just picked up a few things from Dynamite because I was so excited about this beautiful skirt - the Twist Front Midi Skirt and a few cute tops: the Cotton Graphic Scorpio Tee, the Celia Rayon Sleeveless Bodysuit, and the Melrose Cotton Baby Tee. The skirt and body suit are actually really nice and the tees are a tad shorter than I typically like, but they are still cute! 


I've had a pretty lucky past two weeks (in terms of giveaways) and I won 3 giveaways! I won a mask and a face mist from Makeup By Katina, as well as a book giveaway! Also, not pictured I won a $40 giftcard for LookFantastic and I purchased a fun set I couldn't find in Canada before! 


I ordered a huge haul of Bones Coffee recently and I'm so excited to dig in to all of these! I have been making cold brew lately and loving it, so I picked up some yummy new flavours. I'm so excited for the Holy Cannoli and Cookies and Dreams, but the rest also sound amazing. I picked up a sample pack and one full size. Isn't their branding and packaging just adorable?! Love!


And, here's a little look at what I'm decluttering April - the Helena Lane products were okay, but they just haven't been working well for me and the lip products just weren't getting used. The Wet n Wild bronzer was finished in my Project Pan and it's broken, so buh-bye. The bubble mask is just something I'm not going to use and the Becca Highlighting and Blush palette and just wasn't getting used at all. 

I hope you all have a great weekend. 


  1. I really wanted to like the Helena Lane products especially since they are made in BC, but I also was not a huge fan. My husband started having an asthma attack when I sprayed the toner and it pretty much died at that point. So sad because it seemed like a promising brand!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one because I did feel bad and was really hoping to like their products, but they can't all be good. Too bad!