Friday, August 23, 2019

Five on Friday - August 23, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! And, Happy start of Pride in Calgary - our celebrations here carry on from August 23 to September 2, 2019! 


We took a long weekend and are currently enjoying ourselves at the family cabin with a couple of friends and their kids right now! It's so lovely to get out of the city for the end of the week and weekend!


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Time for the second check in on my Summer Project Pan! If you want to see the full post on start of this project pan, you can see it here and here is a look at my first check in on this project! 

So, this biggest excitement is that I hit pan on my Too Faced bronzer! Woo hoo - it's so exciting to actually make a goal and reach it! I'm not going to roll this out, and I'm just going to see how much more I can use in the next month! Also, I've made a bit more progress on the  Estee Lauder primer and the Lancome Juicy Shaker - I thought I would have a bit more progress on these two, but they are still moving along! And, this Essence blush is being used every day and progress is so slow on it!


This past weekend we went out to Calgary Farmyard (previously called Calgary Corn Maze) and it's such a fun place! 

I went with a friend and her little boy and the little guys had such a blast - bouncing, climbing around, petting the animals, riding the train! They loved it! 


Mmmm... this week I made a delicious Baked Peach Almond Oatmeal with some added blueberries and goodies! This is so yummy and delicious, I never think to make oatmeal! I made it for a brunch and am always looking for yummy baked breakfast suggestions - what are your guys favourite brunch breakfasts?! 


As a treat to myself this week, I got my house professionally cleaned and it was amazing! The bathrooms and showers being cleaned by someone else were well worth it! Such a treat. I've been so busy and gone so many weekends that I was getting stressed out by not being able to keep up with the house, so it was so worth it! 

I hope you have a great weekend! 

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