Thursday, July 4, 2019

June 2019 What I Bought - Monthly Haul!

Time for a look at everything I picked up this month - I really love these Monthly Haul posts - they give me a way to share everything I pick up each month as I don't always post about everything I get!

For 2019, I put myself on stricter $100 a month budget , not because I need to; it's actually more to test myself and be more conscious about what I purchase. I also really want to make sure that I'm enjoying and using everything on my collection!

(Also, I know I went a little over - I started dipping in to this budget in May and thought I could reign it in a little; but, I think I did okay and thought everything through!)

ColourPop Haul ~ $77.27 CAN. Alright, this is the order that I placed in May knowing that I would be dipping well in to my June budget! But, I was very excited for the Main Squeeze palette - I've been loving the 9-pan monochromatic palettes ColourPop has been releasing lately, although none have made me grab one until now! And, I wanted to order right away as I wanted the Birthday Super Shock Shadow (which is really pretty this year!) To get free shipping, I also picked up a couple more Jelly Much shadows from the Villains collection, a couple of pressed glitters, and the eyeliner and mascara in black! 

Skindinavia Haul ~ $60.40 CAN. Alright, another purchase that I had to spend a certain amount for free shipping. I love the Skindinavia Bridal setting spray and consider it a must-have, so when I ran out I needed to place an order right away! So, they had a 25% off code so I ended up picking up the Oil Control Setting Spray to try as well and got a free sample of the normal setting spray! I'm feeling very stocked! 

Shopper's Drug Mart Haul ~ $22.32 CAN. Shoppers had another "Spend Your Points" event and I can't resit those - you spend $100 of your points and get an extra $40 worth of points to spend - boom! I always take this as a chance to stock up on my essentials, so I grabbed some Bioderma and Neutrogena Cleansing Cloths, Then I needed some travel essentials, so mini sprays, a cleansing balm and some samples! And, I really love splurging a little during these events too so I picked up a YSL and Dior tinted lip balm and a new mask to try! 

Dove Dry Shampoo ~ $3.12 CAN. Since I'm "trying" to stick to a budget, I've been trying out some affordable dry shampoo options! The last kind I tried was actually pretty good so I thought maybe this one would be as well; but, it's really not working at all for me! 

Sephora Order #1 ~ $11.55 CAN. I saw this Rainbow Boob Mask and I had to have it - it looks so fun! I spent all of May using body masks and enjoyed them, so I can't wait to give this one a go! The Briogeo set was 500 points and Tatcha and Amika were the freebies with my order! 

Sephora Order #2 ~ $73.50 CAN. Okay, this order was a bit of a whim and a total fluke - I really only wanted one of these Pat McGrath palettes. They went on sale on Sephora for $35 but kept going in and out of stock within seconds, so I had them all added in my cart and when I was final able to checkout, I ended up with 2 instead of 1! Plus, the Tata Harper products were the add on code! 

Sephora Order #3 ~  $34.65 CAN. Alright, I know the point of a budget is to keep my purchasing down; but, I was travelling with a carry-on this past month and I needed a toner that was carry-on approved, so the only thing I purchased was the Fresh toner, the Too Faced mascara was my deluxe sample add on, and the Tarte lip balm and Glow Recipe were points items! 

Joe Fresh Cotton Pads ~ $5.25 CAN. These were just a repurchased that I needed - I generally prefer the Shiseido cotton pads, but they are $11, so these ones work just fine! 

Overall, I spent $288.06 CAN for the month - yes, this is way more than my $100 budget! While there was some frivolous purchases and accidents (Pat McGrath and ColourPop), the majority of my purchases were refills or more essential type items, so I am okay with this. I will do my best in July to get back on track! 

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