Monday, September 3, 2018

Manicure Monday - Half Moon Fruit Nail Art

Happy Manicure Monday everyone! I'm back from holidays now (and don't have anything else planned for a while!), so I should be back in full swing from now on! 

Manicure Monday - Half Moon Fruit Nail Art

Can you believe this is the last holiday before school gets back in tomorrow?! Where did the Summer go?! I feel like it just flew by! 

Since last week we did Back To School nails, this week for the #CBBxManiMonday theme we chose "End of Summer" for our theme - Make sure you check out Jayne from Cosmetic Proof, Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love, and Eithne of Tea & Nail Polish to see their take on our weekly theme! 

Manicure Monday - Half Moon Fruit Nail Art

I know that Summer is technically not over for another 3 weeks; but, it's starting to slowly cool down here and school always marks the "end" of Summer for me! 

Now Nothing screams Summer to me like a fruit themed manicure and I'm loving this light pink coral with it! The base polish I used for this manicure is Morgan Taylor "Beauty Marks The Spot" and it's such a pretty polish! (I've swatched the whole Royal Temptation collection if you want to see them all!)

Manicure Monday - Half Moon Fruit Nail Art

I'm actually loving this whole combination - the pink coral goes just enough with the orange; but, it really stands out too! 

This manicure was quite easy to do:
1. Nail cleanser and base coat (I use formula x now, but it's discontinued)
2. Two coats of base polish
3. Using a nail art brush and an orange (or you can use a rounded sticker) fill in a half moon shape on the bottom of your nail and fill in - you could easily make this limes or lemons too with the exact same steps! 
4. Then with a white polish and a nail art brush, create a curved line within the orange half moon and a couple of little lines to create slices 
5. Let dry well and finish with top coat! 

Manicure Monday - Half Moon Fruit Nail Art

Make sure you check out Cosmetic Proof, Prairie Beauty Love, and Tea & Nail Polish to see their take on "End of Summer" for their manis this week! 


  1. I love the manicure! I'm ready for fall, but not for winter.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Me too - Fall is so quick here in Calgary too!