Friday, July 6, 2018

Five on Friday - July 6, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - for some reason I always feel like short work weeks are crazy busy with work! But, I only have to work one day next week before vacation! We are heading to Penticton next week (so if it's a little quieter around here, that's why!)


Earlier this week, I was so excited to be invited to an event with the brand Graydon and Oak and Tonic (the cutest hair salon and shop that focuses on natural, Canadian brands). Graydon is natural, plant powered Canadian brand that sources their products in Canada! I will be sharing a whole post about the event next week! 


This past weekend we went to Edmonton for a couple of days for my older son's basketball tournament. And, of course we had to have a little bit of time at West Edmonton Mall! Mitch and Damian spent a couple of hours in the huge waterpark and Elliott and I entertained ourselves in the mall! We saw the sea lion show and that's me touching a shark! 


While we were up in Edmonton, it was Canada Day! Good thing West Edmonton Mall had this super fun Canadian backdrop for us! We had to drive home for 3 hours this day, so we didn't do much else for celebrating! 


Have you guys heard of Topbox Circle yet?! It is from Topbox and is similar to their past Glamsense program (similar to Chick Advisor, Influenster, and BzzAgent). I love this version of these reviewer sites, because I don't like the Influnster/Chick Advisor type where you are expected to post and review other products on their site. I prefer the Topbox Circle and BzzAgent where you just answer surveys! This was my first Topbox Circle and I hope I get selected for more! And, if you are interested I just posted a whole review of all of these Burt's Bees goodies here!


This week's Palette of the Week is Moschino + Sephora Shopping Bag Eyeshadow palette! This was released last August; but, was seriously available for like a week and that was it. I got it, swatched it and went to use it and it was gone, so I never posted a review of this (and, honestly I'm not sure that I every used it!)

This is such an adorable package and you know I love my mini palettes! This swatched beautifully and applied pretty good. The shadows were a little powdery and do have some kick up. The mattes were very pigmented and to me, they were a little hard to blend out on the eyes. The shimmers were soft and gorgeous on the eyes! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!